November 2014 We hope you are experiencing a much more stable Visit Tracker lately! We believe we have found 95% of the areas where we were having trouble. Please continue to alert us to any error you receive until we have it 100%. Thank you for your patience.

Due to recent growth in the number of Visit Tracker users, Visit Tracker has recently experienced certain times of the day where users would have “time outs” errors where the system would kick them out.  We believe we have solved most of these issues and will not rest until we see no more errors in our logs.  Please continue to let us know if this is a problem.  Be very specific as to the exact time of day, what guardian you were working on, and what you were doing at the time.  Thank you for your patience.

Visit Tracker performs nicely as MIECHV software for Illinois!

MIECHV software is not readily available perfect for any certain grantee.  As each different grantee will function within different benchmarks, home visiting models, and reporting requirements, each needs CUSTOM software.  Visit Tracker software already tracks all the MIECHV demographic data and has MIECHV Form 1 built-in.  Therefore, Form 2 and benchmark tracking is the only area where customization’s might be needed.  Visit Tracker has completed these customization’s for several states and is now serving home visiting models PAT, Hippy, and EHS with MIECHV software.  Illinois had originally chosen another data tracking software package, only to be very disappointed, and has since switched to Visit Tracker and been able to enter all back data and re submit data for their first year as well as submit data for their second year.

Changes to PVR per request from National PAT

National PAT has recently changed the PVR form and worked with Visit Tracker to get our form compliant with theirs. So, you may notice some slight changes. There is no need to go back and change any previous visits, but if you are a PAT affiliate, you must use all parts of the new PVR form. Yes, we understand it may be longer, but with the new formatting, it may also get shorter for some families also.Notes about the new PVR:

1. All previous resource connections (resource referrals) made where followup was not properly marked will appear and an icon will easily let you mark followup. We realize this may mean some extra time in conducting and correctly marking “followup” if you have not been doing so, but after you do so, only the most recent without followup marked will show up. This section should provide you with an excellent reminder to conduct proper followup.

2. The Family Well-Being section (where you have always marked resource referrals) has changed slightly. National PAT is now calling referrals CR-“Connected to Resource” as liabilities for cost of connections called “referrals” were causing problems. This section has been reformatted to be more in line with the PAT National form.

Family Well-Being:
(choose “I” if information was shared, “CR” is connected to Resource/made referral, “N” for nothing)

3. All “unmet” goals are showing up. If you have not been properly marking goals met, you may see several that need to be updated at this time but they will go away once you mark “met”

4. National added a new checkbox section for each child and we therefore added that to the PVR.

Developmental topics:
Healthy births Attachment Discipline Health Nutrition Safety Sleep Transitions/Routines

5. A new Visit & Write Up Completed? Y N section is now at the bottom which you should mark Yes when you have indeed completed the visit and write up. This will store a date and I believe your PAT rules request that you get a writeup completed within so many days of the actual visit. This will help show compliance.

We understand change is hard. Change causes us considerable time, programming costs, and support costs, but Visit Tracker must keep up with the appropriate forms at PAT National. Thank you for your understanding.

Direct Link to This FAQ


When running the MIECHV Form 1 report, it takes awhile to calculate (15 -60 minutes), so, Your report will show up in “Pending Reports” and you can come back later to see it in “Reports ready to view”. If you just sit on this page to wait for it, you’ll need to “Refresh reports list” to see if it’s ready.


For most sections, if a guardian being counted is newly enrolled, their enrollment data will be considered (income status at enrollment). If they are not newly enrolled during the report date range, their most recent updated data will be considered (income status when most recently updated).

For the full FAQ concerning MIECHV form 1 click here ->



Several new features that have been requested by our users have recently been added to Visit Tracker.

1.  On the Family List and Child List reports, the “Enrolled since” filter has been expanded to allow for a specific starting and ending enrollment date to be entered and therefore narrow the search more efficiently.

2.  On the PVR, at the bottom, educators can now specify when the write-up has been completed exactly.  When the “Y” is selected indicating the visit and write-up has been completed, a date stamp will be saved that will allow an administrator to know exactly when the write-up was completed.  The date will not be changeable.  Educators should not enter a “Y” until after the visit and when they are completed with write-up. This feature has been requested many times by administrators wanting to better understand how quickly after a visit the educators are completing their write-ups.

3.  Administrators had noticed an error when trying to send email to educators from the EDUCATOR tab.  This has been fixed.

4.  The Futures Without Violence assessment scoring area will now allow a minimum score 0f 10 instead of 12 to accommodate several versions of that assessment.

We also want to take this opportunity again to insist that ADMINISTRATORS at each site go into SETUP tab and choose “ethnic categ” on the left and put in a Federal Code for each of the race categories specified.  Since your list may be different than the Federal list now being tracked, you need to map each of your race categories to a Federal code or they will not be counted correctly.   

Enter scores for Futures Without Violence and 4 P’s Plus…

Two new assessments have been added to Visit Tracker.  You can now enter scores for the Futures Without Violence and the 4 P’s Plus assessments in addition to just checking the appropriate box on the PVR to indicate that you did the assessments.  Once a guardian is chosen, click Assessments on the left, then choose the assessment that you completed in order to enter score information.

Attention All MIECHV funded programs. You must mark a child the TARGET CHILD…

Attention all MIECHV funded programs!  The MIECHV form 1 report was new inside Visit Tracker in August 2013.  You must designate which individual child(ren) is/was the MIECHV target child for this report to calculate correctly.  While most states have decided that each family has only one target child, there are special circumstances in the case of twins and in some states other reasons for marking more than one target child per family – check with your state evaluators.  Any child marked “target child” in Visit Tracker will get counted if they have received at least one visit.  Only guardians with at least one target child will get counted in the guardian sections of MIECHV form 1.

For ALL MIECHV funded programs, the Visit Tracker Administrator needs to log-in, go to SETUP tab and down to “Preferences” on the left. Find and answer Yes to the


This will turn “on” the Priority Population box on the Guardian demographics screen & the check box to designated a child as the MIECHV target child in the family.

ALL EDUCATORS need to go mark the child(ren) for each family the MIECHV target child. When the MIECHV Form 1 demographics report is run for your families, only families with a MIECHV target child indicated will be included and only MIECHV target children will be included in the computations.  (The easiest way to do this is to go to your Children tab, go to the first child in the list and indicate if they are a target child or not, then use the pink arrows next to the child drop down menu to scroll through the children marking any that are MIECHV target children and saving their screen. ) VERY IMPORTANT -You will also need to go through your EXITED children list and mark any of the children that were MIECHV target children when they were enrolled.


MIECHV Software

The State of Washington has chosen Visit Tracker for their MIECHV Software and Visit Tracker has delivered.  So far, several customizations were made to track MIECHV benchmarks exactly as Washington needs them, trainings were conducted to ensure all educators understood data entry requirements and procedures, and Form 1 and Form 2 data has been collected and exported for analysis to Washington.  That’s a wrap!  Washington leaders communicated needs and Visit Tracker Web software delivered!  If you are looking for data tracking MIECHV software, call 1-800-532-7148.