VisitTracker is priced based on a VisitTracker Account and the number of Paid Users assigned to that account. A VisitTracker Account is usually a single program location using a single curriculum.

VisitTrack has Visit Records and Curriculum Specific Reports for

  • Parents as Teachers
  • Healthy Families America
  • Early Headstart HV

A VisitTracker Account has 4 Types of users.

  • Administrator – no charge
  • Read-Only Administrator – no charge
  • Educator – paid
  • Full Access Helper Administrator – paid

If you have questions or would like a more detailed description of User Types or Accounts, please contact us to discuss which plan will best meet your needs.

Annual Subscription Prices – Beginning 4/1/2023

Home Visiting & Coordinated Intake Accounts

  • Account with 1-2 Users = $305/yr
  • Account with 3-5 Users = $550/yr
  • Account with 6-10 Users = $850/yr
  • Account with 11-20 Users = $1,100/yr
  • Account with 21-99 Users = $1,500/yr

State & Regional Accounts

  • State Leader = $850
  • Custom Reports = $8,000
  • Data Exports = $8,000
  • Data Subscription = $8,000

VisitTracker Training Prices

VisitTracker Custom Reports Account

Up to 50 Custom Reports built specifically to your needs.  Contact us for details about how Custom Reports can help you get the data, reports, and analysis you need for Quality Control, Compliance, Funding or Research.

Individual Custom Reports for State Leaders and Account Administrators can be built for $500/yr for each report.  Ask us how to get the information you need!

VisitTracker Custom Programming Prices

Custom Programming of VisitTracker to add features, reports or new assessments – please contact us for a fixed price estimate.

VisitTracker Data Imports

If you are converting from another software program to VisitTracker then we’d like to help you get started by importing your data from your current software into VisitTracker so you can get started using VisitTracker sooner.  We can import your data from a SQL file or CSV file directly into VisitTracker for you. Please contact us to talk in more detail about your data import.

VisitTracker Data Exports

VisitTracker has numerous data reports and exports available directly within VisitTracker Reports that can satisfy almost every data export you need.  If you find these are insufficient for your data export needs, we can provide a full database dump in SQL format for $1,200/VisitTracker Account. Please contact us if you need a full database table dump.

Methods of Payment

We accept credit card payments, purchase orders and checks via snail mail.  Please contact us if you need assistance with your payment.


We’re almost always available to help – please contact us with any questions you have.