Safety, Security & HIPAA Compliance

We believe that it should be easy to help children learn & thrive.

We know that you and your clients are concerned about the safety and security of your confidential data.  We take many steps to make sure that your data is safe and the way that we build and run our software is compliant with Federal and State regulations.

Building software that is easy to use and yet safe & secure is a challenge.  There are numerous trade-offs that have to be considered at every step.  You’ve seen these changes over the past few years and we will continue to find unique and innovative ways that help you serve your clients easier while knowing that the data you collect is safe and secure.

In most cases, you, as DataKeeper’s customer, are considered a Covered Entity under the HIPAA Act.  If you need a Business Associate Agreement from DataKeeper to maintain your HIPAA compliance, please contact us and we will provide you with that agreement.

DataKeeper conducts quarterly internal HIPAA compliance audits and training.

DataKeeper conducts annual external HIPAA compliance audits and training under a trained, experienced and certified Health Information Security & Privacy Practitioner.

Our most recent external HIPAA audit was conducted in October 2023.  This audit found no issues with our Data Security, Administrative Safeguards, Physical Safeguards or Technical Safeguards.

We do not publish the details of our safety and security procedures as this is a security breach.  We are happy to discuss any of the details of DataKeeper/VisitTracker safety & security measures in a confidential phone call – please contact us if you have questions.