VisitTracker Training Videos and Tutorials – FREE

The team at VisitTracker works very hard to create and update our library of free training videos.  These videos demonstrate how to use VisitTracker’s basic functions and also provides training on how to use the new features.  Please let us know if there is a training video that you’d like to see.


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Custom Training

VisitTracker Web offers on-site and webinar-based training. Several general training curriculums are listed below, but we can tailor a class to meet your specific needs, location and time constraints.   We prefer to visit with you at your site but recognize that budgets are limited so we offer the same trainings conducted as webinars.

VisitTracker Overview – 1 to 1.5 hours

The VisitTracker Overview class is designed for administrators/educators unaware or new to VisitTracker but even veteran users always come away with a new tip or trick.  In 1 short hour, attendees will see the system in action, learn the areas that are customizable, enter basic data & run basic reports.  Advanced features are quickly shown and the HELP system is demonstrated.  Everyone will agree after attending this session that the VisitTracker Web system is very easy to learn and they will know exactly how to get assistance if they do have a question.

VisitTracker  Tips/Tricks/New Features – 1 to 1.5 hours

The VisitTracker Tips/Tricks/New Features class is designed for administrators/educators that are already using VisitTracker but even non-users will get excited about the tips and tricks and figure out how user-friendly the system is.  The basics are skipped and a demo file with data already in it is used to display the many features that users don’t seem to find unless they have read all the newsletters and documentation.  There are easy ways to “audit” your data, print maps to homes, create custom reports, and customize VisitTracker for your programs’ needs.  We always leave time for questions in this seminar also.

VisitTracker Total Users Class – 2 to 2.5 hours

The VisitTracker Total Users Class is for all users of VisitTracker and will take users through complete setup & all data entry tasks as well as dive deep into the reports system.  This can be a hands-on class in a laboratory if facilities are available or will at least encompass detailed demonstrations.  An extensive time for questions is allotted after each section of the training.  Users will be “expert” users at the end of this training and ready for all data entry & reporting tasks.  This class is great for all users and a must for anyone who will be expected to train others.

Training On Site or Via the Web

We can deliver our training at your location or via a web audio/video conference.  Our rates for On Site Training are $750/day plus estimated travel expenses.  Our rates for web training are $250.

Please contact us if you’d like to schedule an on-site or webinar training session for VisitTracker.

Click Here for a copy of our On Site Training Contract.