Updates 05-16-2022

Here’s an overview of the 2 latest updates that took place over the past 2 weekends. Reports Form 2 IL You can now choose which constructs to run the report for. If you are only needing a few constructs to view, use the new “Constructs” filter. IL Data Summary (formerly the IL Report Card) The …

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Conducted by vs. Assigned to

Often when running a report for certain records and using the Home Visitor filter selection, you may be want to see the report results based on who conducted the service or by the home visitor’s assigned families. Recently we updated specific reports with these 2 options. Updated reports PVR Report Screening Report Assessments Report On …

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Family Archiving Policy

Visit Tracker will be archiving families that have been exited or dormant (no service records or contacts) for 6 years or more. Once archived, the families will be removed from the online environment to a secure offline environment. Programs that have families meeting the criteria will be receiving the notification with further instruction. Programs will …

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Visit Tracker will now automatically email your guardians a reminder about an upcoming visit!

New Feature!! We are excited to release a new feature where Visit Tracker will automatically email your guardians a reminder about an upcoming visit! You can view the full admin tutorial here. This feature is available to programs already using the “email verification”process. If you are not currently using this feature and want to know …

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You asked… PMR Update

The PAT PMR has been updated over the weekend. When running the new PMR 2021-2022, there is a new column “Missing / Not in compliance”. This column will report all the individuals from the Denominator that did not get reported in the Numerator. A pop-up listing the participants is provided.

Update – Doula Services

Visit Tracker has been updated to allow programs to indicate if a family is receiving doula services. Here’s an article explaining how to get started. https://data-keeper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4820768995347-Doula-Services

NEW – HFA Service Plan

The HFA Service Plan has been added to Visit Tracker. Here’s an article on how to get started. https://data-keeper.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4769345692563-HFA-Service-Plan

Screening Referral Update

Screening referrals have been updated. In the Resource Connection area for a screening, you’ll notice a new question: “Is the home visitor providing support related to a concern found during this screening?” If a concern has been found and you will be offering support for the family, select YES. Continue to use the question “Was …

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