Staff new to Visit Tracker? Here’s how to get started!

Do you have new staff ready to start using Visit Tracker? Have them start with the Support tab. From the Help Desk, you can view new features releases, get the Knowlegebase or you can always just “Ask a question”!

To view tutorials, click “Open Knowledgebase”.

We would suggest new staff start here. The Knowledgebase, is set up with Home Visitor tutorials, Admin Tutorials, Coordinated Intake, How to Videos, manuals and more!

Home Visitor and Admin Tutorials will give all the basic information to get started. Home Visitor Tutorials include adding a new family/child, how to enter a home visit and complete a visit record. Screenings, goals, assessments and so much more are all here and include step by step directions to get your data entered. Admin Tutorials include information to get your account set up, getting home visitors entered, custom set up options and more!

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can also use the “Search” feature. Type in key words and related articles will show for you.

Another easy way to get questions answered is to use the “Submit a Ticket” feature.

If you have a question about a specific family/child, we ask that you include the Visit Tracker ID number (not their name!) so we can properly investigate. For any question you may have, please provide specific details. We will do our very best to solve and answer your questions!

Welcome Family Spirit!

We’ve added the Family Spirit home visiting model to Visit Tracker!

As with all other home visiting models Visit Tracker supports, the system largely remains the same for everyone.

For Family Spirit, we offer a customized home visit record to capture the details of their home visits and curriculum delivery.

Family Spirit can be viewed in our demo.

You asked… Multi Race update

We’ve received a lot of requests for the ability to select more than 1 race. Visit Tracker was updated over the weekend to accommodate these requests.

When more than 1 race is selected, reports will continue to report these individuals in the multi race category.

Kansas KIDS exports are being updated in August to start reporting race according to KSDE’s specifications.

Here’s an example of more than 1 race selected.

Update to Family Links and Setup

Over the weekend we released an update to the Family section links and the Setup section. Here’s a summary of each section’s updates.


“Household” and “Guardians and Children” have been been removed from the links. Those are now located in “Family Home”.

  • From Family Home, you still navigate to the Family/Guardian/Child Data pages
  • *PAT Programs – PAT Records Review/Update section is also now available in the Family Home section

“Demographics” and “Health Info” are now combined into 1 called “Demographic/Health” section.

  • All items that were present in these sections are still present in this combined section.
  • Top of the page starts with Family Demographics, followed by Guardian Demographics, and then the Guardian Health Info items.
  • *PAT Programs – Completing this section along with the Family/Guardian Data page will complete the Family Intake, Family Information and Guardian Information records.


There is now a My Account set of links and Preferences set.

My Account

These are the sections for managing your account and your users like the account holder Profile, Invoices, User Management and Data Sharing.


Any page in Visit Tracker where the Admin can manage fields and show/not show items has its own Preferences page now.

*Key updates

  • Referral Sources is now located in the Family/Child Data section
  • Demographic and Health Info fields can be managed in the “Demographic/Health” section
  • Exit Reasons and Hold Reasons have been combined into the “Exit/Hold Status” section

Let us know if you have any questions.

New Program Year Set Up!

For many of you, July/August starts a new program year! We are looking forward to the 2021-2022 year and have some exciting new features on the horizon! As you move into the new program year, here are a few reminders of items you may want to take a look at!

Exit any Family that is no longer receiving service. It’s important to keep your active list clean and only show families that are still active in your program. Just a reminder, if you exit a Family, all guardians and children will also be exited. If you exit a child, then only that child will be exited. The family, guardians and any siblings will remain active. If you have families that are receiving partial services (maybe they are just attending groups, or the child just is getting a screening), there are other Status options for those families. You will still need to exit them, but then they can be moved to “Recruit” or “Mailing Only”. If you have additional questions about how to use these other options, please let us know! 

Check each Family’s Demographics page. You will want to update any Stressors that have changed. Also, be sure to update the Income History, Education History, etc. Even if the information hasn’t changed, we recommend that you add a new entry. This way, the data is clean and you know you have checked this and there haven’t been any changes.

Set your Reminders so you don’t forget! Use the reminders feature to set all your deadlines now, so you don’t miss one later! You can enter reminders for Assessments, Child Screenings, etc. If you have questions about using the reminders feature, check out the tutorial here.

MAIN ADMIN – Check the Settings under the Set Up tab.  Go to the Set Up tab and check all your settings. This list has changed, and as we continue to make Visit Tracker more customizable to your program’s needs, this list will continue to be updated. You will want to show only the fields that you need for your program. You can turn the others off.

MAIN ADMIN – Update your Program Year Start Date. This can be updated on the top of the Reports page. This will set the default start date for reports and will help to reduce reporting errors.

MAIN ADMIN – Check your Users! Has someone left your organization? Be sure to either Deactivate or Disable their login under the Home Visitor tab. Also, look for any Helper Admin that may have left as well. A list of active users can be found under the Set Up tab and then “User Management” on the left.

If you have any additional questions please let us know! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

We wish you a successful 2021-2022 program year!

You asked… EPDS Referrals

We’ve added the ability to record a Resource Connection directly on the Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Screening (EPDS).

At the bottom of the assessment, you’ll be asked if a resource connection was made as a result of a concern found. Click YES to open up the Resource Connection entry.

NOTE: For MIECHV Form 2, the Resource Connection Type will still need to be selected as “Mental Health Services” or “Medical Services” in order to count in the Depression Referrals construct.

PAT Record Updates

The following PAT Records have been updated in Visit Tracker

  • Family Intake
  • Family Information
  • Guardian Information
  • Child Information
  • Group Connections
  • Planning Guide and PVR
  • Transition Plan
  • Child Health Record (first part. 2nd part will be released by end of June. see details below)

Here are some highlights/important notes about these updates.

Please note that you can access the PAT Records section from the Family Home page. These records are designed to gather up all data entered in Visit Tracker and arrange that data according to the PAT Records listed in that section.


New section “Reason for Enrolling” has been added to the Family/Guardian Data page under Enrollment Info


Exit and On Hold Reasons have been updated

Visit Frequency selections have been updated.

Languages spoken in the home – We currently working on a new setting under SETUP that will default to the PATNC’s specific list for all PAT Affiliates. Currently, programs are seeing all language selections Visit Tracker offers.


Guardian Sex – “Prefer not to report”

It’s important to know that some reports have not been updated to start considering “Prefer not to report”. Once we have received the new Requirements for these reports, they will be updated.

An example is the MIECHV Form 1 report. The aggregate numbers will not include guardians indicated as “Prefer not to report”. However, these guardians will still be listed in the Excel downloads. Once HRSA releases final details about Sex/Gender reporting, this report will be updated.

New sections added to guardian items in Demographics

  • Military Status
  • Participation in Other Programs

New/Updated Guardian Health Info items

  • Dental Insurance
  • General Health
  • Preventive Care
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Other Substances


Due to the extent of updates and length of this record, updates are being release in 2 parts. The first part has already been release which are

  • Completion dates have been moved up to the top
  • Prenatal / Labor and delivery / Postpartum
  • All items in the Health section

The record overall is being improved by changing selections to drop-downs. Giving this record a much cleaner more organized look.

The Hearing and Vision sections will be updated by the end of June.

Still to come…

  • Prenatal/Postpartum Record for prenatally enrolled children
  • Updates to SETUP
  • Updates to the Annual Review/Updates for each record

These are just the highlights of an extensive update across many items. If you have any questions, let us know.

Tips for completing your APR

Happy APR season!  Our goal is to make submitting your APR easy and painless! Here are a few frequently asked questions about the APR. If you have any additional questions about your APR, please feel free to contact us. You can email, call 1-800-532-7148 or submit a ticket under the Support tab.

How do I know what families or children are being counted on my APR?

Anywhere you see a blue number on your APR, you can click the number to see who is counted in that question. Click the number and a pop up will open with the list of Guardians/Children.

Why is the number of families and children so low?

Check to make sure all of your home visitors are listed as PAT Affiliated. Only those home visitors that are designated as Affiliates will count on your PAT report. Go to the Home Visitor tab and select a home visitor in the dropdown list. Make sure the dropdown option is set to “PAT Affiliate Home Visitor”.

There are children being counted on my APR that have been exited for several years. Why are they being counted?

Check the Contacts for the Child. When adding a contact, exited children will show on the list. If the home visitor accidentally added an exited child to a contact, that child will count on the APR. Any child with a contact in the date range will be counted. To fix this, pull up the Contact History for the Family and click the “pencil” icon on the right side of the contact. You can unselect the exited child. 

There are families that we have been seeing for a long time that are showing up as newly enrolled. Why is this, they are not new?

Check the status history of the family. We have seen situations where a home visitor may have forgotten to enter some data so they will reactivate the family. Once they have entered the data, they exit the family again. By re-enrolling the family, this will cause the family to look as though they are newly enrolled. Visit Tracker will look at the last enrollment date. The last Exit and Active status can be deleted to take the family to the original exit status. * In the future, when you need to reactivate a family or child, just delete the Active status from the Enrollment History table, instead of exiting again. This will just take the family back to the previous status.

Data Quality Alerts – Update

We recently updated Data Quality Alerts. Here’s an overview of those updates.

Home Visitor column

We received suggestions to add a home visitor column to the Family and Child Assessment alerts. Now those alerts will show the home visitor assigned to that family/child.

New Alerts for PAT Records

We’ve added PAT Records to the menu of alerts to choose from. To turn on, the Main Admin would go to SETUP > DATA QUALITY ALERTS > PAT ALERTS. Then choose which records to turn on an alert for:

  • Family Information
  • Child Information
  • Guardian Information
  • Participation Agreement

These new alerts will show families that do not have a date of completion/review/update in the current program year.

New Alerts for Resource Connections and Goals

Also new alerts are available Resource Connections

  • Families with no Resource Connection
  • Families with a Resource Connection and no follow-up
  • Children with screening Resource Connections and no follow-up

The new alerts for Goals/Plans are

  • Families with no open Goals
  • Families that have an open Goal for a specific length of time