Update to Date Field

We have removed the ability to enter a date in manually. We were finding a lot of date errors within the database (such as the year 2320), so you will need to click the calendar icon to enter in a date. You can simply click on the “month and year” at the top of the

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New Breastfeeding Survey Report

We’ve recently added a new report to the Child Health Info reports for Breastfeeding. The current report was an export for all breastfeeding entries completed in the date range selected. This new report will list all children with at least 1 private contact in the date range and display their latest breastfeeding survey entry. Reports

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Assessments List

We have updated the Assessments list so not all assessment will show. If your program has not selected assessments in the past, no assessments will currently show in your list. Please have the Admin for the account update the assessment list. The Admin will go to the Set Up tab and then Assessments on the

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CDC Milestones have been added

PAT Affiliate / PAT Approved Users will now have the option to show PAT Milestones or the CDC Milestones on their PVR. Any other curriculum type (HIPPY, HFA, Family Spirit) can now select to show the CDC Milestones under the Child –> Milestones page. The Main Admin will have a new option of Milestones under

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2021-2022 APR Tips and Tricks

As you work to finish your APR, our goal is to make submitting your APR easy and painless! If you have any additional questions about your APR, please feel free to contact us. You can submit a ticket under the Support tab, email, or call 1-800-532-7148. The 21-22 APR has quite a few different

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