You asked… Exit Summary updates and more

Here are the latest updates based on your suggestions.

Child Exit Summary Report

The number of group events the child has attended is now reported

Child Service/Exit Record

Resource Connections and Goals for the child are summarized and included on this report.

West Virginia – Behavior Question

When the behavior question is updated on the PVR, the checkbox on the private contact will also be updated as checked.

You asked… Updates as of 3-17-2021

Here are a few updates we made from your suggestions.

Goals on the Planning Guide and PVR

The Goals section has been updated to show current goals that are progress. Create new goals, update existing, and add progress notes directly to your families’ goals from either record.

HITS Assessment – Comments

A comments box was added to the HITS family assessment

Supervision Records

The Supervision record will show the time and duration from the scheduled event.

Keep your suggestions coming. We appreciate your input!

Reports page update

The Reports page has been updated.

  • Reports page: The reports have been grouped and organized
  • Setup: There is a new Reports section where admins can choose which reports to show/not show.


On the Reports page, the reports are now organized into 4 columns:

  1. General Reports
  2. Service Reports
  3. Admin/State/National and MIECHV Reports
  4. Program model reports

Here’s an example of a HIPPY program.

Here’s an example of a PAT program.


A new section – Reports – has been added to Setup. Admins can decide which reports to be shown or not shown on the Reports page.

If all reports under a group are set to not show, then that group will not be shown at all on the Reports page.

Open up the group and choose which reports you want to show on the Reports page. Be sure to save your changes.

Let us know if you have any questions.

You asked… Recent updates

Here are the latest updates based on the suggestions you’ve submitted.

Referral Sources

If you have your own referral sources that are no longer used, you can now consolidate referral sources to the national list.

Go to Setup > Referral Sources. Select “consolidate” for the referral source and choose the referral source from the national list to consolidate to.

Resource Connections

Read-only admins can now view individual Resource Connection records.

HFA Caseload Summary

This report has been updated to exclude inactive home visitors.

We appreciate your continued feedback.

User Management

Main Admin – Did you know that under User Managment, you have the ability to grant additional permissions to Helper Admins and Home Visitors?

Home Visitors can be given “Full access – Data entry” which is equivalent to Helper Admin permissions allowing them to enter data on all families and children in the system. NOTE – Home Visitors that are also in a data management role in the program no longer have to have a separate Helper Admin login.

To grant Admin privileges, click on the “+” icon to the right of the home visitor.
Check the box “Full Access – Data Entry” and click Save.

Record Management – Main Admins can assign certain users to manage specific records like Reminders and Supervision Records. Also the Main Admin can control who can delete families and contacts.

To allow user to create Supervision Records, check both Supervision under Record Management and General Set Up.
To prevent the user from Deleting Families, Guardians or Children or any contacts, check the Disable Deletion check boxes.

Setup – Certain users can now be granted the ability to manage sections under SET UP. Typically this section has been limited to only the Main Admin. Now the Main Admin can grant access to this section – all or portions – to any user

You asked… New assessments

There have been several assessments requested over the past few months. We’re working on getting these added into Visit Tracker. Here are the assessments released this week.

  • Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE)
  • Becks Depression Inventory (Becks)
  • Kindergarten School Readiness (KSR) – see additional details below
  • Parenting Stress Index – 4 (PSI-4)
  • Women’s Experiences with Battering Scale (WEB)

Reports are available for each of these assessments under Service Reports > Assessments.

Kindergarten School Readiness (KSR) Details

There are a variety of school readiness assessments being used as decided by school districts, community agencies, etc.

We’ve set up a generic “Kindergarten School Readiness” assessment allowing you to record the tool used and the score (if applicable). Currently, this assessment is included in the Family Assessments section and you can specify the guardian and child on the assessment.

For PAT programs, the APR will be updated to include this assessment in the outcomes section XII 5e.

Let us know if you have any questions.

PAT APR 2020-2021 Released

The APR has been updated with the latest 2020-2021 requirements. All APR related reports that are impacted have also been updated.

Related reports

  • Performance Measures Report
  • Family Assessment Compliance
  • Screening Compliance
  • Family Strengths and Stressors
  • Visit Frequency
  • Family Goals Compliance (new report)

Let us know if you have any questions.

Coordinate Intake – Updated

The Coordinated Intake system has been updated.

With this update, coordinated intake and home visiting agencies can:

  • Manage multiple incoming and outgoing referrals for a single family
  • Specify referrals as going to home visiting agencies or community partners
  • Track each referral through completion
  • Manage a list of specific agencies that send and receive referrals
  • Review all referrals from 1 Referrals page
  • Review a summary of all families and referral totals from the Family List page
  • Navigate to and update referrals from the the Referrals and Family List pages

New training manuals are posted here and have been added to the Training page.

Coordinated Intake Manuals (last update 1/29/2021)