We broke VisitTracker and we’re sorry.

Early last week, many of you experienced timeouts in Visit Tracker. If the timeout was while you were in the middle of entering data such as a PVR, all your data for that PVR was lost. You will need to enter that data again. 

We were able to identify the issue and get this corrected. 

The problem you experienced was caused by a mistake we made when releasing a new project over the weekend. We are very sorry for the inconveniences and rework this has caused. We promise this will not happen again.

You asked… “Other” Contacts

Over the weekend, we released an update to Contacts based on requests we’ve received from you. Here’s a summary of that update.

New Contact Type

  • Text – When adding new contacts, “Text” will be an option in the drop-down menu.

“Other” Contacts

You’ll now be able to better specify what “Other” is and run a report on these “other” contacts!

  • When selecting “Other” as the Contact Type, you’ll get an Other specify field
  • Main Admins can manage the Other specify selection list from the Setup section. Contacts has been added to the list of Setup options. It’s the next link under Preferences.
  • New “Other Contacts” report. Select the Service Counts report. Other Contacts is below the Service Counts filters.

New Family Contacts Export

  • A new export – Family Contacts – has been added to the Data Exports list.
  • Data Exports are available to all admins from the home page.

You asked… MO Invoice Update

We recently updated the MO Invoice sections II and III based on a request we received from the MO DESE office. Included in that update was a request we received from the field to have the Child Screenings section updated with pop-links.

Here’s a summary of all the updates.

Section II – Child Screenings

  • Social-Emotional specific screenings and delays were added to the list.
  • Each number reported in this section is also a pop-up link listing the children included in that number.

Section III – High Needs

  • This section was updated to be alphabetical and be the same text as MO DESE.
  • There was no change in calculations.

APR Milestones Updates

We had several questions regarding the Milestones question on the APR. We have updated our APR to include some additional calculations that we think you will find helpful. Also remember, you can click on the number to see the list of children/visits included in each number.

2 different calculations are now being offered for Milestones:

  1. Based on the PVR – Milestones Updated or Milestones Reviewed is marked as “Yes” for every child on every PVR.
  2. Based on Milestones Records – All children have an updated Milestones record at any point in the reporting period

VI 10 Milestones

Milestones: Did ALL (100%) parent educators review and document updates to the PAT Milestones Record for each enrolled child after visits? (Yes/No) *Note – Visit Tracker results for each will be reported as a percentage instead of a “Yes/No”. 

PVR Calculations:

  • VI 10a # PVR marked Yes for Milestones Reviewed or Updated for every child on the PVR
  • VI 10b # PVR marked No for Milestones Reviewed or Updated for any child on the PVR
  • Percentage of PVR where Milestones are Reviewed/Updated for all children 

Milestones Record Calculations:

  • VI 10c # Children with an updated Milestones Record in the date range. Of the children reported in II 10, Reports all children that have an Emerging or Achieved Milestone in the date range.
  • VI 10d # Children with no updated Milestones Record in the date range. Of the children reported in II 10, Reports all children that do not have an Emerging or Achieved Milestone in the date range.
  • Percentage of children with an updated Milestones Record in the date range.

Exclusion: prenatal only children.

These additional calculations are also available on the PMR.

You asked… More print options!

Over the weekend, we released a package focused on several requests we’ve received regarding more print options and an additional request about entering medical visits.

Here’s a summary of what we released.


  • Goals/Plans – You can now print the Goals Overview table. Click on the print button in the page’s header bar. Select the date range to get a print version of the Goals Overview table for that time period.
  • Contacts – You can now print each individual contact from the Contacts page. AND you can also choose to print the Contacts history table from the print button in the header bar.
  • Resource Connections – Individual Resource Connections can now be printed complete with follow-ups and progress notes.
  • Group Connections – On the Group Connections page, we’ve updated your print options when clicking on the print button. Now you can choose to print the plan by itself or the complete record.


When recording medical visits, you can now record more than 1 medical visit for the same date.

You asked… PAT ISR Report

We received a request a while back to update the PAT ISR Report for PAT Approved User programs. We finally have been able to update and release the report this week.

The PAT ISR is updated according to PAT National’s 2018-2019 requirements. This report is available in the Admin / State / National reports column.

Thank you very much, Jamestown for your request and for your patience.

Coordinated Intake Updates

There have been a few updates to Coordinated Intake within the last week or so. Here’s an overview of what those are.


This report analyzes new coordinated intake applications – those created and received within a chosen period of time. The report was updated to include a breakdown of the following:

  • Applications received and sent to home visiting agencies using Visit Tracker and enrolled / declined details.
  • Applications that were sent to a referral agency (those not using Visit Tracker for home visiting services). More about Referral Agencies below.
  • Of the applications declined, a table showing how many declined by each reason.


The Main Admin of the Coordinated Intake Agency can create and manage a list of agencies where applications are being referred outside the Visit Tracker Coordinated Intake system. When a coordinated intake worker closes an application indicating “referred to non VTprogram”, the worker selects the Referral Agency from this list created by the Admin. Referral Agency management is found in the Admin’s Setup section.

With the update, you can now categorize the agency and enter an email address. The Case Status Summary report will report on the Referral Agencies receiving applications and a breakdown by category as well.

If there is an email address associated with the Referral Agency, that person will receive an email notification that you sent them a referral.


Email notifications were also added to the Visit Tracker accounts for cases where the Main Admin is not logging into Visit Tracker very often. It will notify them when an application has been delivered to their Visit Tracker account. This feature can be turned off and on from the Capacity row located on both the Admin home page and the CIAT List page.


And finally, we updated the Enroll reasons for Visit Tracker to the following:

  • Enrolled in home visiting – Was Enrolled. This reason enrolls the family into the home visiting program and assigns them to a home visitor. Because of the link between Coordinated Intake and home visiting services, Visit Tracker can report service delivery information for family’s coming through Coordinated Intake.
  • Enrolled in other services – Was Enrolled in Referral Agency. There was no change to what happens when selecting this reason. Only the text was updated. The purpose, for this reason, is to be able to indicate that although the family was not enrolled in the home visiting services offered by the agency, the family was enrolled into other services offered by the agency.

Stay tuned for more Coordinated Intake updates coming soon.

You asked… Family Home update

We had a request recently to update the Family Home page with some additional information. Here’s what we did.

Family ID

  • The Family ID is now shown at the top of the page
  • You can also find the Family ID on the Primary Guardian’s data page

Family Enrollment History

  • We added the Family Enrollment History table to the bottom of the Family Home page
  • Create new statuses and edit existing ones from this page.
  • No change was made to the Primary Guardian page. You can still update and edit status from this page as well.

Let us know if you have any questions or other thoughts on improving Visit Tracker to meet your needs.

KS Assessment Exports are ready

Beginning Wednesday, July 17, Kansas programs will be able to run exports for the assessments related to Foundations For School Success. The exports available are:

  • Child and Family
  • ASQ
  • ASQ SE

These exports can be found in the Reports section under the Admin / State / National column – just below KS KIDS. Here are some important details about these exports.

REQUIRED FIELDS – The following fields in Visit Tracker must have data entered for the exports to be successful.

Child State ID – This is the KIDS ID number
District Code
Enroll Date
Date of Birth
Relationship to Primary Guardian
First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth

ASQ & ASQ SE DETAILS – A few notes about the ASQ & ASQ SE export

  • ASQ-3 – For the ASQ export be sure to select ASQ-3 (National) as the tool type
  • ASQ-SE2 – For the ASQ SE export be sure to select ASQ-SE2 (National) as the tool type. Also, be sure that the ASQ-SE2 is entered separately from the ASQ-3 screening record.
  • Scores – Scores are required and should be entered as multiples of 5.
  • If any of the Required Primary Guardian fields are blank, then no primary guardian data will be shown on the export.

HOME IT DETAILS – A few notes about the HOME IT export

  • Scores are required
  • Children with no date of birth will be excluded

Let us know if you have any questions.

New Feature – MIECHV Data Tracking

We recently released a new feature for the MIECHV programs in Illinois. From the family and child sections, admins and home visitors can review the data that’s been collected and see what is upcoming for each family member.

Here’s an overview of the new MIECHV Form 2 page:

  • “MIECHV Form 2” is a new page in the Family and Child sections. It’s the last link in the left navigation bar
  • The page lists each family member at the top that is included in Form 2 reporting for the current reporting period.
  • Data Summary – click on Data Summary for each family member to view the status of each construct that is applicable to that member. That section will expand and give you a summary of each construct, the data that has been collected and what’s upcoming.
  • Upcoming Data Collection – This section will list all the upcoming items in 1 section for all family members.
  • Reminders and Data Entry – For all upcoming items, you can set a reminder for that item by clicking on the bell or click on “+” sign to go directly to the data entry page for that item.
  • Printing – You can print each section individually (click on the print icon for each section) or print all sections (click on the print icon at the top right).

Hopefully this feature make your data collection and quality oversight a little easier!