Projects Update 1.15.2020

Here’s an update of what’s coming soon.


The update to child screenings is in its final testing stage and soon to be released within the next couple of weeks. Here’s a sneak peek.

The SETUP section. The types of screenings and tools used can be managed under “Screen Type/Ins”. Here’s a list of what you can do from this section.

  • The National Types have increased. Categories have been added for each tools. Choose which tools you want to “Show” when home visitors are entering new screenings.
  • You can still add your own “User-Defined Types” from the top right “+” add button.
  • Open up the Child Screening Preferences (2nd screenshot). You choose which screening records you want to show for your program and set the default for the next due date.

In the Children > Screenings section

  • The “+” add button allows you to choose which type of screening to enter. No more all-in-one record. Whichever screenings are set to “Show” from the Preferences section will be listed here.
  • The print button will allow you to print out all items recorded under Screenings, Referrals and Screening Summary tables.
  • History tables – 3 tables will show on the Screenings page
    • Screening History – Lists all screenings that have been recorded. “Mixed” types are the old all-in-one records
    • Screening Resource Connections – These are the referrals recorded from the screening records but can also be seen and managed from a separate table. This table will also show on the Family Resource Connections page.
    • Screening Summary – Create and manage screening summaries from this table.

The Screening Records

Even though each screening type has been separated into its own record. The data entry is the same. Each record contains:

  • Header – Screener, Screening Date and Next Due Date. Check the box next to the “bell” if you want to set a reminder for the Next Due Date
  • Screening Type – Here “Development” was chosen. Whichever screening you chose, you’ll select if it was completed (necessary for the APR), the tool used under “Type” and scores. Each record also has the ability to record a Resource Connection as well.

Screening reports and the APR are also being updated according to these updates as well.


APR 2019-2020 – The APR and PMR are being updated. We’re adding in data quality features throughout as well. You’ll be able to run exports giving you details on the families and children being reported as well as those not being included in the report.

Kansas KIDS 2019-2020 – We’ll be updating the KIDS exports according to the 19-20 specifications.

MO Invoice – The MO Invoice will be updated with the new screening updates as well as the final invoice for end of year reporting.

You asked… Scheduling contacts

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday break with your family and friends.

I received a suggestion at the PAT Conference to be able to schedule contacts from the Children section. There was 2 or 3 extra clicks to get to the Family Contacts page when there could be a direct link from the Child > Contacts page to save you some time and make your data entry a little more efficient.

So over the holiday break we added a couple of things to the Children section. First is a “Family Contacts” link underneath “Family Home” in the left navigation column. This will take directly the Families section > Contacts page where you can view the family’s contact history and add a new contact.

Second, we added the “+” to the Child Contacts page. Click on the “+” to open up the Contact Scheduling pop-up window. When saving the contact, you’ll be returned to the Family Contacts page – not Child Contacts – where you can view the newly scheduled contact. If you want to return to the child’s section, just click on their name in the Family Contacts history table.

Let us know if you have any questions or more suggestions.

The Range of OK: A thank you note to home visitors

With the birth of our 3rd child on 12/4/19, I did some reflecting back on our first 2 experiences while sitting around in the hospital room, especially our first daughter. We were excited, stressed, tired! (We still are.) There were so many people surrounding us in the hospital giving us information and asking questions. Some were calming and reassuring. Others brought some alarm or stress. Then we went home. It quieted a little but we were fortunate to have great support – family, friends, pediatrician, pediatrician’s nurse, etc. We got lots of advice and input to say the least.

I’d like to say that all advice and input about our parenting and child’s development was reassuring but that wasn’t always the case except when it came to our home visitor.

Our home visitor, Ruth, was one of the calming voices. With our first child, we enrolled in home visiting and began seeing Ruth once a month. During that time, she used a phrase that has stuck with me and I’ve used many times since – “The range of OK”. That phrase and, of course, the information she brought to us at visits was empowering. It enabled us to be our own calming voices later on with our 2nd and 3rd children as we were no longer enrolled in home visiting. Ruth’s work with my wife and I had lasting impact.

So a big thank you to our home visitor Ruth. But I – and everyone here at DataKeeper – want to extend that thank you to all the home visitors and home visiting programs for bringing that calming voice into so many homes. We are very aware of the work you do and the impact you are making with your families.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

You asked… Reminders Improvements

Last night, Reminders was updated based on input we’ve received from the field. Here’s a summary of those updates:

  • Reminders assigned to home visitors can be managed by other users that have permission to mange Reminder records (see User Permissions).
  • Labels can be assigned to Reminders. The labels can added and managed from the Reminders page in the Setup section. Labels can then be assigned to Reminders in order for additional grouping and organizing of the Reminders from the pages that are displaying Reminders.
  • Family Reminders – A new Reminders page has been added to the Family and Child links. This page will show all Reminders assigned to the family and children
  • Calendar viewing options have been added for all users. Users can now select which events they want to view on the calendar and specify which home visitors (Admins). These viewing options have been added to the left sidebar on the Calendar page.

Let us know if you have any questions.

New Feature – Supervision Records

Last night, we added a new Supervision page in the Calendar section.

Here’s an overview of the Supervision project:

  • Staff Events with category of Supervision can be managed from the Supervision page in the Calendar tab.
  • Main Admins and Users with Supervision permission (see User Permissions post) can record supervision records for both Group and Individual Supervision sessions.
  • Supervision Notes is a new page under the Family section. Family Supervision Notes can be recorded on those families discussed during reflective supervision sessions (from the Supervision record) or directly in the family’s section.
  • Supervision in the Setup section – Certain record items can be managed under Setup > Supervision. Set the default for duration of Supervision events. Manage the list of Not Completed Reasons and Items Discussed.
  • Reports – Supervision reports have been added to the Admin / State / National column

A note about confidentiality

Supervision Records (Group and Individual) documenting the discussion between supervisors and home visitors can only be viewed by the Main Admin and the Supervisor that created the record.

Only users granted permission to the Supervision section can record Supervision records. Users with Supervision permission will be shown in the “Supervisor” selection list when a session is being scheduled.

Family Supervision Notes can be seen by the Main Admin, all Helper Admins, Read-Only Admins and the home visitor assigned. Only the Supervisor that created the Note can edit.

Let us know if you have any questions.

New Feature – User Permissions

We’ve added user permissions to the Main Admin’s capabilities under the SETUP section.

The section “Add’l Admins” has changed to “User Management” in Setup. This new feature gives the Main Admin the ability to assign additional permissions to Helper Admins and Home Visitors.

  • Home Visitors can be given “Full access – Data entry” which is equivalent to Helper Admin permissions allowing them to enter data on all families and children in the system. NOTE – Home Visitors that are also in a data management role in the program no longer have to have a separate Helper Admin login.
  • Record Management – Main Admins can assign certain users to manage specific records like Reminders and Supervision Records. Also the Main Admin can control who can delete families and contacts.
  • Setup – Certain users can now be granted the ability to manage sections under SETUP as well. Typically this section has been limited to only the Main Admin. Now the Main Admin can grant access to this section – all or portions – to any user.

See the additional posts regarding Reminders Improvements and Supervision records.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Why am I seeing Texas Sales Tax?

Once logged in, you are probably seeing the red message:

” Texas Sales Tax Exemption Reason is missing. To update this, go to Setup > Profile”

DataKeeper Technologies, LLC is a Texas-based company and required to charge sales tax unless you have a valid exemption.

To indicate your exemption status, the Main Admin of the account will need to go to the SETUP section and click on PROFILE. At the bottom of the Profile page is “Texas Sales Tax Exemption Reason”. Select the option that fits your agency and save.

The warning message will disappear from your home page once a reason is indicated.

Anyone that is not tax exempt – selects “Not tax exempt” – will have sales tax added to their next renewal invoice.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Projects Update 10-3-2019

There are 3 projects in development that I would like to share some details on.


In this project, we’ll be making several improvements to the Child Screening Records.

  • The Screening Record will be separated by screening type. When recording a screening, you will now choose to record a Developmental, Social-Emotional, Health, Hearing, Vision or PAT Health record.
  • If a referral is needed based on the specific screening, you will be able to record a Resource Connection specific to that screening.
  • The Resource Connections resulting from a screening will be listed in a table on the Screenings page. They will also be listed in a table in the Family Resource Connections page and on the PVR.
  • Main Admins will be able to manage the screenings that are being conducted from the Setup > Screenings page. Improvements will be made to this section allowing programs to only show those records they are using and specify the tool being used for each screening
  • All related screening reports will be updated


In the Supervision project, we’ll be adding specific records for supervision between supervisors and home visitors as well as supervision notes that can be recorded when discussing specific families.

  • New Supervision page in the Calendar section will list all Staff Events scheduled marked as “Supervision”. You can also add new supervision events from this page.
  • Supervisors that have been given access to Supervision will be able to record notes about the supervision session and family supervision notes for those families discussed.
  • Family supervision notes will show up in the Family section. Notes can be added from this page as well.
  • The Main Admin will be able to indicate which Helper Admins have the ability to record Supervision Records and will only be able to view those records in which they create along with the Main Admin
  • There will be a compliance report available for HFA programs and the PAT APR will be updated as well as a general Supervision report.


Based on suggestions we’ve received, we’re making some improvements to Reminders. One change is to allow Helper Admins to manage Reminders not assigned to themselves. With this and the permission feature mentioned in the Supervision project, we’ll be changing the Add’l Admins section to Users in the Main Admin Setup where additional permissions can be granted to all Users in the account.

  • Family and Record deletion can be granted to certain users or all users
  • Helper Admins can be granted additional permissions to the Setup section
  • Home Visitors can be given Helper Admin access for those that help with data entry. This particular feature will eliminate those instances where a home visitor has to have a separate Helper Admin login.

In this project, we’ll also be adding Calendar viewing control for all users.

  • Admins can choose to view their own events or those for all.
  • All users can choose which events they want to view on the calendar

These projects will be coming within the next couple of months along with support material to help you understand each update.

NEW: CO Family Support Assessment

The Colorado Family Support Assessment (version 2.0) has been recently added to Visit Tracker’s list of assessments.

This assessment can be found in the list of assessments as CFSA2. This assessment can be set to display from the Main Admin’s Setup > Preferences section. There is also a report available in Reports > Service Reports > Assessments.

Let us know if you have any questions.

HIPPY Age 2 Curriculum

Over the weekend, HIPPY Age 2 was added to the curriculum selection on the Child Data page. Here’s a summary of that project:

  • Age 2 added to the curriculum selection list
  • Home Visit Record (PVR) updated to show Age 2 and additional feature checking curriculum on data page. (see details below)
  • Reports updated
  • TX HIPPY Time Log removed from the Contacts page (more detail below)

Home Visit Record (PVR)

For each child on the PVR, the curriculum indicated on the Child Data page automatically shows on the PVR. The curriculum was able to be edited on the PVR without editing the data page. With the update over the weekend, you’ll start being alerted if the curriculum on the PVR is different than the curriculum on the Child Data page. This should help prevent discrepancies between the current curriculum the child is shown to be enrolled in and the curriculum indicated as being delivered at the home visits.


The Time Log is no longer being required and used for Texas HIPPY programs. All data from past Time Logs was preserved on the existing PVRs. So no data related to HIPPY activities and volunteering was lost. Run the Parent Involvement Report for that data.

Let us know if you have any questions.