Projects Update 10-3-2019

There are 3 projects in development that I would like to share some details on.


In this project, we’ll be making several improvements to the Child Screening Records.

  • The Screening Record will be separated by screening type. When recording a screening, you will now choose to record a Developmental, Social-Emotional, Health, Hearing, Vision or PAT Health record.
  • If a referral is needed based on the specific screening, you will be able to record a Resource Connection specific to that screening.
  • The Resource Connections resulting from a screening will be listed in a table on the Screenings page. They will also be listed in a table in the Family Resource Connections page and on the PVR.
  • Main Admins will be able to manage the screenings that are being conducted from the Setup > Screenings page. Improvements will be made to this section allowing programs to only show those records they are using and specify the tool being used for each screening
  • All related screening reports will be updated


In the Supervision project, we’ll be adding specific records for supervision between supervisors and home visitors as well as supervision notes that can be recorded when discussing specific families.

  • New Supervision page in the Calendar section will list all Staff Events scheduled marked as “Supervision”. You can also add new supervision events from this page.
  • Supervisors that have been given access to Supervision will be able to record notes about the supervision session and family supervision notes for those families discussed.
  • Family supervision notes will show up in the Family section. Notes can be added from this page as well.
  • The Main Admin will be able to indicate which Helper Admins have the ability to record Supervision Records and will only be able to view those records in which they create along with the Main Admin
  • There will be a compliance report available for HFA programs and the PAT APR will be updated as well as a general Supervision report.


Based on suggestions we’ve received, we’re making some improvements to Reminders. One change is to allow Helper Admins to manage Reminders not assigned to themselves. With this and the permission feature mentioned in the Supervision project, we’ll be changing the Add’l Admins section to Users in the Main Admin Setup where additional permissions can be granted to all Users in the account.

  • Family and Record deletion can be granted to certain users or all users
  • Helper Admins can be granted additional permissions to the Setup section
  • Home Visitors can be given Helper Admin access for those that help with data entry. This particular feature will eliminate those instances where a home visitor has to have a separate Helper Admin login.

In this project, we’ll also be adding Calendar viewing control for all users.

  • Admins can choose to view their own events or those for all.
  • All users can choose which events they want to view on the calendar

These projects will be coming within the next couple of months along with support material to help you understand each update.

NEW: CO Family Support Assessment

The Colorado Family Support Assessment (version 2.0) has been recently added to Visit Tracker’s list of assessments.

This assessment can be found in the list of assessments as CFSA2. This assessment can be set to display from the Main Admin’s Setup > Preferences section. There is also a report available in Reports > Service Reports > Assessments.

Let us know if you have any questions.

HIPPY Age 2 Curriculum

Over the weekend, HIPPY Age 2 was added to the curriculum selection on the Child Data page. Here’s a summary of that project:

  • Age 2 added to the curriculum selection list
  • Home Visit Record (PVR) updated to show Age 2 and additional feature checking curriculum on data page. (see details below)
  • Reports updated
  • TX HIPPY Time Log removed from the Contacts page (more detail below)

Home Visit Record (PVR)

For each child on the PVR, the curriculum indicated on the Child Data page automatically shows on the PVR. The curriculum was able to be edited on the PVR without editing the data page. With the update over the weekend, you’ll start being alerted if the curriculum on the PVR is different than the curriculum on the Child Data page. This should help prevent discrepancies between the current curriculum the child is shown to be enrolled in and the curriculum indicated as being delivered at the home visits.


The Time Log is no longer being required and used for Texas HIPPY programs. All data from past Time Logs was preserved on the existing PVRs. So no data related to HIPPY activities and volunteering was lost. Run the Parent Involvement Report for that data.

Let us know if you have any questions.

New Family Archiving Policy

Visit Tracker will begin archiving families that have been exited or dormant (no service records or contacts) for 6 years or more. Once archived, the families will be removed from the online environment to a secure offline environment. 

This doesn’t mean that programs will lose access to these families and their data. Programs will be able to search archived families in their Visit Tracker account and request that the family be restored into the online environment.

What are the benefits of archiving this data?

  • Improved report processing time
  • Improved site performance for users such as pages loading quicker.

Beginning next week, all programs will be able to review the list of families meeting the criteria for archiving before the process is implemented. And only those programs that have families meeting the criteria will be receiving the notification with further instruction.

You asked… Duplicate Family Warning

We’ve heard about the need for Visit Tracker to indicate duplicate families. We released a duplicate warning feature over the weekend. Here’s how it works.


When entering a new family, you’ll be warned about potential duplicate families that already exist. When a potential duplicate is detected (when clicking Save), those families will be listed at the top above the new family you are entering. You can click on each possible duplicate family to review or continue saving the new application. When reviewing the duplicates, you will not lose the information you entered on the new application.

Here’s how we’re identifying potential duplicates:

  • Families with identical guardian first name, last name, and address.
  • Families with identical guardian first name, last name, and phone number.
  • Families with identical addresses.
  • Families with identical phone numbers.

Updates to Coordinated Intake

Updates to Coordinated Intake were released over the weekend. Here’s a summary of that project.


When entering a new referral, you’ll be warned about potential duplicate applications that already exist. When a potential duplicate is detected (when clicking Save), those applications will be listed at the top above the new application you are entering. You can click on each possible duplicate application to review or continue saving the new application. When reviewing the duplicates, you will not lose the information you entered on the new application.

Here’s how we’re identifying potential duplicates:

  • Applications with identical guardian first name, last name, and address.
  • Applications with identical guardian first name, last name, and phone number.
  • Applications with identical addresses.
  • Applications with identical phone numbers.

This feature was added to the creation of new families for all Visit Tracker accounts.


Sometimes the intake history “Add New Status” button is not clickable. There will be a note next to the button telling you why. Here are the 2 reasons it’s not clickable.

  • No date in the “Date release of info signed”.
  • The application is currently assigned to a Visit Tracker account.


When creating a new application, sometimes only the first Save button is clicked and then you move on to another application. This creates a new family but it doesn’t list them on the Family List page creating confusion that the application doesn’t exist. Although it does show in the Family drop-down list it won’t show on the Family List (CIAT List) page until the remaining parts of the application are completed and an Intake Status is entered.

Now those applications will show on the Family List page with a “New” status.


When closing an application, coordinated intake workers will no longer see “Enrolled in home visiting” as a selected item for Closed Reasons. This selection is specific to those Home Visiting agencies using Visit Tracker. When a home visiting agency selects this reason, it enrolls that family into their list of active families they are serving. This creates a link between the CIAT and the families enrollment into that program which allows for service information to be reported for Coordinated Intake overall.

For Coordinated Intake Agencies – If you have closed applications where you selected “Enrolled in home visiting”, you may need to either edit that entry to OPEN > DELIVER so that the home visiting agency can officially enroll that family, or you may need to change to CLOSED > Referred to non VT program if the application was sent to an agency that does not use Visit Tracker

**NOTE FOR HOME VISTING AGENCIES THAT USE VISIT TRACKER – If you want to enroll a referred family into a program other than your home visiting program, select “Enrolled in other services”. This will indicate to Coordinated Intake that your agency is going to serve that family, but it does not add that family into your active family list.


When a Home Visiting agency creates and sends a Coordinated Intake Application to the Coordinated Intake Agency, they can check the “Return to Referral Source” box indicating that they would like to enroll that family. So the CI Worker receiving that application can then deliver it back to the same agency.

Now the Main Admin for the Coordinated Intake agency can have that automated so that the “receive and deliver back” process happens automatically. Go to Setup > Preferences to turn this on.


When coordinated intake workers open an application, they will be able to view progress notes entered by the Home Visiting Agency at the bottom of the application.


On the Family List (CIAT List) page, the Search function has been improved to search the entire CIAT List table.

Let us know how Coordinated Intake can continue to improve and make your work more efficient.

We broke VisitTracker and we’re sorry.

Early last week, many of you experienced timeouts in Visit Tracker. If the timeout was while you were in the middle of entering data such as a PVR, all your data for that PVR was lost. You will need to enter that data again. 

We were able to identify the issue and get this corrected. 

The problem you experienced was caused by a mistake we made when releasing a new project over the weekend. We are very sorry for the inconveniences and rework this has caused. We promise this will not happen again.

You asked… “Other” Contacts

Over the weekend, we released an update to Contacts based on requests we’ve received from you. Here’s a summary of that update.

New Contact Type

  • Text – When adding new contacts, “Text” will be an option in the drop-down menu.

“Other” Contacts

You’ll now be able to better specify what “Other” is and run a report on these “other” contacts!

  • When selecting “Other” as the Contact Type, you’ll get an Other specify field
  • Main Admins can manage the Other specify selection list from the Setup section. Contacts has been added to the list of Setup options. It’s the next link under Preferences.
  • New “Other Contacts” report. Select the Service Counts report. Other Contacts is below the Service Counts filters.

New Family Contacts Export

  • A new export – Family Contacts – has been added to the Data Exports list.
  • Data Exports are available to all admins from the home page.

You asked… MO Invoice Update

We recently updated the MO Invoice sections II and III based on a request we received from the MO DESE office. Included in that update was a request we received from the field to have the Child Screenings section updated with pop-links.

Here’s a summary of all the updates.

Section II – Child Screenings

  • Social-Emotional specific screenings and delays were added to the list.
  • Each number reported in this section is also a pop-up link listing the children included in that number.

Section III – High Needs

  • This section was updated to be alphabetical and be the same text as MO DESE.
  • There was no change in calculations.

You asked… More print options!

Over the weekend, we released a package focused on several requests we’ve received regarding more print options and an additional request about entering medical visits.

Here’s a summary of what we released.


  • Goals/Plans – You can now print the Goals Overview table. Click on the print button in the page’s header bar. Select the date range to get a print version of the Goals Overview table for that time period.
  • Contacts – You can now print each individual contact from the Contacts page. AND you can also choose to print the Contacts history table from the print button in the header bar.
  • Resource Connections – Individual Resource Connections can now be printed complete with follow-ups and progress notes.
  • Group Connections – On the Group Connections page, we’ve updated your print options when clicking on the print button. Now you can choose to print the plan by itself or the complete record.


When recording medical visits, you can now record more than 1 medical visit for the same date.