Projects Update 3/6/2019

We’ve had our heads down working hard on the Multiple Guardians project. But that doesn’t mean that’s all we’re working on. Here’s an update of the big stuff and some of the smaller things too that matter just as much. Of course, I’ll start off with Multiple Guardians!…

Multiple Guardians

  • To be completed 3/31 and released the weekend of April 12. More announcements will come as that weekend nears.
  • Keep looking for more support tutorials about the changes taking place. Those are being posted in our Knowledgebase as well.

PAT Records

  • As you probably already know, we’ve been updating Visit Tracker so that PAT Affiliate programs can enter all required data as indicated in the Data In Motion manual. It doesn’t stop there.
  • We’ll be adding the ability to print your families’ data in the PAT Record format. This should help with the Quality Endorsement Process.
  • Going through Quality Endorsement now? Check out this post to help with submitting blank forms – PAT QEIP

HIPPY Quarterly Reports

  • Currently, HIPPY sites have access to Site Funding and Group Meeting reports
  • We’re working on the Families & Home Visits report complete with validations. This report is scheduled for mid May at the latest, if not sooner
  • HIPPY Staff and the related report are coming soon as well

More notable projects coming over the next few months

  • Child Screenings and Resource Connections – We’ll be updating the screenings and resource connections related to screenings. You’ll be able to better see all connections made as a result of screenings along with the rest of your family connections.
  • Data Quality Alerts – We’ve been getting great feedback on the Reminders and a lot of great suggestions on how to improve Visit Tracker’s data quality automation. We’ll be adding alerts related to model compliance and data collection requirements.
  • Other service providers – We’ve heard that many families are receiving support from home visiting programs not just by the home visitor but also by other types home visiting practitioners. We’ll be working on the ability for those “other service providers” to be assigned to a family and enter their service records.
  • Locking and unlocking records – Related to “Other service providers”, we’ll be working on the ability for PVRs and other records to be locked and unlocked.
  • Reports – And of course we’re always looking to upgrade and improve your ability to get your data out of Visit Tracker

Also please know that as we’re adding fields and updates to Visit Tracker, we’re working very hard to increase your ability to customize and control what you’re seeing and not seeing in Visit Tracker. Here’s a sneak peak at the Preferences section in the Main Admin’s Setup tab coming in the Multiple Guardians project. Compare this to what you currently have. Without expanding each section, hopefully you can tell that your control is growing.

Thanks for choosing Visit Tracker. We’re working hard to make it easy for you.

New Planning Guide Customization

We’ve had a lot of requests for the ability to customize more fields on the Planning Guide. There’s also been issues with the Curriculum fields overriding each other on the Planning Guide and PVR.

Here’s a quick summary of the updates. Please view the tutorial added to Knowledgebase for more details.

  • The Curriculum section on the Planning Guide and PVR has been separated into 3 subsections – Curriculum, Secondary Curriculum, and Other Plan
  • The add/edit new template fields have been updated. You can still designate handouts for a custom plan. Additionally, you can customize most Planning Guide fields with any template – this includes both text fields and checkbox fields.
  • NOTE – BTL Curriculum is no longer an option when creating custom templates.

Click on the tutorial link above for a complete overview.

Another suggestion came related to our Reminder Rules feature recently released.

  • When choosing to set a reminder based on # of months, the field will allow up to 72 months to be set. Previously, it was restricted to 24 months or less.

Let us know what you need. We’re working hard to make it easier for you. Thank you.


2019 Subscription Price Increase

Effective 4/1/2019, our subscription prices will increase slightly so that we can continue providing the high level of service and support that you count on.

You may prepay your upcoming subscription at the current price if we receive your payment prior to 4/1/19.
If you would like to prepay or have questions about it, click on the following link and complete the form with subject “Prepay”.   

Multiple Guardians Project – New Family

Creating a New Family (view tutorial).

Update on the Multiple Guardians project – target release is late March.

As mentioned on the 1st Multiple Guardians post, we’ll be posting more details and tutorials to help this transition to be as smooth as possible. Rather than an in-depth post to the blog, we’ll be creating tutorials and adding to the Knowledgebase. When each tutorial is created and uploaded to the Knowledgebase, a short blog will be posted to bring it to your attention.

There is a specific section for Multiple Guardian Tutorials in the Knowledgebase where you can view each tutorial and/or download as a PDF.

Click here to view the entire Knowledgebase

New Feature: Scheduler – Setting Reminder Rules

A new feature was released last night.  In recent updates, we’ve been referring to this project as “Scheduler” and it gives Main Admins and State Account holders the ability to set reminder rules. The rules will then generate reminders automatically and assign them to home visitors and or helper admins.

The same 3 types of reminders that currently exist – General, Guardian and Child – are the types that rules can be set for.

Here is a general overview of the 3 Reminder types and rule parameter options you can apply. Click here to view a detailed tutorial.

General Reminder Rules

  • Set rules to remind home visitors and admins about doing data checks or report due dates
  • A rule can be set either with a specific date or set to occur on a monthly basis on a certain date each month.

Guardian Reminder Rules

  • Set rules to remind home visitors to conduct an assessment or update demographic entries.
  • A rule can be set for a specific date or based on the guardian’s enroll date.
  • Once the rule is set, it will be applied to all existing guardians where the rule still applies and all new guardians entered.

Child Reminder Rules

  • Child rules behave the same way guardian rules do.
  • There are a few more options in setting the reminder date for children. Like guardians, it can be set for a specific date and based on the child’s enroll date. In addition, reminders can be set based on the child’s age as well.

And here’s a reminder (pun intended). The Main Admin can also control when Reminders start showing on everyone’s home page. To see your complete list of reminders assigned to you, go to Calendar > Reminders.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year.

Projects Update 12/10/2018

Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Requests that have come in through the Help Desk, email or phone calls. Keep submitting your suggestions. We’re listening. submit suggestion

  • Released: Print friendly version for EC & I/T HOME assessments: At the bottom of each of these records, there is a link to open up a print friendly version
  • In Development: Customization for Planning Guides
  • On Deck:
    • PAT ISR report
    • “Other” Contacts – adding additional fields to enter specifics when “Other” is selected as a Contact Type.


HIPPY Site Funding

  • This new section for HIPPY programs has been added to the Main Admin’s Setup tab
  • HIPPY admins can enter program funding information and complete the required quarterly reports to HIPPY USA
  • See full details by clicking here.




  • We’re adding the ability for Main Admins and State Accounts to set Reminder Rules which can be applied to all home visitors, guardians and children.
  • Reminders will automatically be created when the Reminder Rules are met.
  • For example, a rule might be set to generate a reminder to conduct a family assessment within 30 days of a guardian’s enroll date. Any time a new guardian is entered and enrolled, a Reminder will be created for 30 days from the enroll date entered for that guardian. The home visitor assigned to that guardian will see that reminder in hers/his Reminder list.



  • We’re adding the ability to add multiple guardians to a family. This is a big project coming soon! We’ll be releasing support materials along the way to keep you all informed of what to expect when it is finally released
  • Read the most recent post.


These projects are currently being written up and preparing to begin development the beginning of 2019

  • APR 18-19 Updates
  • HIPPY Additional Staff & Quarterly reports
  • Kansas KIDS Exports – updates and edits requested from the field
  • MO Invoice Final – updates to the final version that programs need to run beginning in April

New Feature: HIPPY Site Funding

We’ve added Site Funding to all HIPPY programs. This section can be accessed by the Main Admin under the Setup tab underneath Profile.

In the Site Funding section, add program budget information for the following:

  • Government Funding Sources
  • Private Funding Sources
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Volunteers

When a Government, Private or In-Kind source ends, simply go to that item, edit the entry and enter an end date.

The Site Funding report can be found in the Reports > HIPPY Reports section.

  • HUSA Quarterly Reports has been added to the top of the HIPPY Reports column
  • Click on Site Funding and enter the date range to report all funding sources received at any point in the date range
  • Note: There are 4 HUSA Quarterly Reports listed but only Group Meetings and Site Funding are currently live. The other 2 will be coming soon.

Report example:

Multiple Guardians 01 – An Overview

The Multiple Guardian project is scheduled for a release toward the end of February. As progress is made, we’ll continue to release more details ahead of time to support you with this change. With the ability to be able to add more than 1 guardian to a family, there will be some changes to how you navigate the system.  Here’s an overview of the changes to come.

When you log in, now you will see “Families”, “Guardians” and “Children” in the main navigation options.

Click on the Families tab and select a Family in the drop-down list just as you currently would do for Guardians.

  • The selection list shows the family name and the name of the guardian designated as the primary guardian  – Family Name (Primary Guardian)
  • All active families are listed in the drop-down which is the same currently for the list of guardians and children.

Selecting a family will bring you to the Family Home page. Here you will see

  • Current family and enrollment information
  • Guardians and children associated with the family
  • Navigate the family and guardian entries in the left sidebar

The Guardians tab will show the list of all guardians enrolled for each active family.

  • Click on the Guardians tab
  • Click on the Guardian drop-down list
  • Select a guardian from the list of all guardians in an active family

The guardian selected will take you to that guardian’s data page.

  • Click on “Family Home” to take you to the home page of the family the guardian is enrolled under.
  • The data page will display whether the guardian is the primary guardian or not.

In the Children tab, select from the list of active children. All guardians enrolled for the family will list in order for you to designate the relationship of the child with each guardian.


Let us know if you have any questions.