APR 2020-2021 Updates

We are currently updating the APR to report the 2020-2021 requirements. The APR related reports that are impacted by the 2020-2021 updates will also be updated.

Related reports

  • Performance Measures Report
  • Family Assessment Compliance
  • Screening Compliance
  • Family Strengths and Stressors
  • Visit Frequency
  • Family Goals Compliance (new report)

Updates are scheduled to be released toward the beginning of February.

What’s to come in the new year

As we’re wrapping up an extraordinary 2020 year, I’d like to mention some things to come in the new year. Here are some notable projects planned for the first quarter.

Coordinated Intake is getting an overhaul

This project is currently in progress and will be completed and released by the end of January. Updates for this project include:

  • More than 1 incoming referral can be recorded for a family.
  • For each incoming referral, both home visiting and community partner referrals can be documented.
  • Each referral’s progress can be updated through completion

PAT Affiliate Performance Report Updates

Updates to the APR are scheduled for the beginning of 2021. We’ve received the APR updates from PATNC. The updates will include updates to all supporting reports such as the PMR, Screening Compliance, Family-Centered Assessment Compliance, etc.

HIPPYUSA Quarterly Report

Updates to the HIPPY Families and Home Visits Report are scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

New Assessments!

You’ve been asking for several new assessments to be added to Visit Tracker over this past year. We hear you and are working on getting these assessments into the system ASAP!

Setup and Customization

We’re always looking for ways to give you more control over YOUR Visit Tracker. We’ll be improving and adding to the SETUP section allowing for further customizations of the various sections in Visit Tracker.

We can’t thank you enough for the work you are doing with families and children in your communities. Know that we are working hard to support your work and what you need to stay focused on your families.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!

You asked… Partnering With Teen Parents

The Partnering with Teen Parents curriculum has been added to the PAT Curriculum selection list.

On the Planning Guide and/or Personal Visit Record, select “Teen Parents” from the Curriculum selection list.

In Handouts Given, expand the Partnering with Teen Parents list to choose the handouts used for that visit.

Let us know if you have any questions or need anything else. (support)

PAT Records Update

Here’s a summary of the recent updates made according to PAT National Record updates.

Resource Connections

Selections added to Resource Connections Types

  • Books
  • Hearing Services
  • Vision Services

Community Type

New selections include

  • Tribal Rural
  • Tribal Urban

PAT Records Reviewed

Annual reviews/updates of the Family, Guardian and Child Information Records can be noted in the PAT Records section for each family.

Go to the Family’s PAT Records from the Family Home page.

In the top table “Dates of Annual Review/Update”, click on “Add item”.

Indicate the date of the review/update, which records were involved, and create.

The entry will be added to the table.

Follow these steps the next time you review or update any one of these records for a family.

HIPPY PVR – Recent Update

A recent update has been made to the HIPPY personal visit record (PVR).

Literacy Activity Survey

A new section was added at the bottom of the PVR allowing home visitors to record Literacy Activity Survey entries from the PVR and have the entry added to the Child Health Info > Literacy Activity Survey section.

When selecting “Yes” or “No”, new fields will open up allowing you to indicate the number of days for each child listed on the PVR. If “Yes” is selected, the entry will default to 7 but can still be manually changed.

Not seeing this on the PVR?

The section needs to be turned on by the account administrator.

Go to Setup > Preferences

Open up the Personal Visit Records section and select “Yes” for “Literacy Activity Survey on PVR” and then save.

A new field for Format

When recording the curriculum delivered at the home visit, choose what format it was delivered in. Selections are “Paper copy”, “PDF copy” and “HIPPY 3.0”.

Let us know if you have any questions.

You asked… Immunizations on the Health Record

This week, we released an update to the PAT Health Record. We received a question about making the immunizations update field stand out more. So we moved it to the top of the Health Review section.

Based on your selection, more fields will open up. Here’s some screenshots.


If answering “No”:

If answering “Yes”:

Thank you for your continued input on making Visit Tracker more valuable for your work.

You asked… PVR Updates

Here are some upcoming updates scheduled to be released this weekend based on requests we’ve received from you regarding the Personal Visit Record.

Literacy Survey

The Literacy Survey from the Child Health Info section will be added to the HIPPY and HFA Personal Visit Records.

To access this feature:


On the Personal Visit Records, the Literacy Survey entries will be shown when answering the question “A family members read, told stories…”. The entries for each child will be added to the Literacy Survey section in each of their Health Info sections.

Safe Sleep Survey

Also being added to the PVR is the Safe Sleep Survey. This feature is available to the PAT and HFA programs and will show for children that are less than 1 year old.

Turn the feature on in SETUP > PREFERENCES > PERSONAL VISIT RECORDS the same as the Literacy Survey.

When turned on, Safe Sleep Survey entries will show for any child less than a year old on the PVR.

PVR Templates for Foundational Visits

We’ve set up PVR templates for the PAT programs based on each of the 8 Foundational visit plans. Templates 1501 – 1508 can be selected in the Planning Guides and/or PVRs to pre-populate the information related to the foundational visits.

PVR Data Export

A new export is available for PVR data. This export is available in the SERVICE REPORTS column.

Keep your suggestions coming! And let us know if you have any questions.

You asked… Recent updates

Here are some of the suggestions/requests that have been released recently.

Kansas KIDS Exports

The KS KIDS exports were updated for the 2020-2021 program year

Family and Guardian Labels

  • The guardian’s email address was added to the Family Labels report
  • A family status filter was added to the Guardian Labels report. The request was to be able to include Waiting List families when running the Guardian Labels. The Status filter allows you to select any group of families by status.

Report – Screenings Review

The Display filter was updated to give you better options on which children you want to review.

APR – Section II. Service Delivery – Prenatal

It was brought to our attention that this section should report subsequent pregnancies not just at enrollment. This was updated.

Let us know if you need anything. Thanks!

New Feature: Data Quality Alerts

Over the weekend, we released a brand new feature – Data Quality Alerts. Here’s an overview of what this feature is and how to start using these alerts.

Data Quality Alerts are a list of alerts that identify the missing data – enrollment data, update entries, assessments, screenings, etc – for the families and children you serve. The alerts are based on a start date you set through the current date. They alert you to the data needed for the current program year that hasn’t been entered yet.

There’s a list of items to choose from. Here’s how to get started.

First, Admins need to go to the SETUP > DATA QUALITY ALERTS section.

  • Set the start date. This is probably going to be your program start date. The alerts that are turned on will be based on the start date through the current date.
  • Turn on the alerts. Go through the list of alerts – grouped by Visit Tracker sections – and click “Show” for the alerts you want to be generated. When “Show” is checked, additional selections will be shown giving you some options for that alert.

Here are some screenshots of the Setup section.

The admins and home visitors will be able to view the Data Quality Alerts throughout Visit Tracker pages.

When first logging in, you’ll notice the Data Quality Alerts link in the upper left menu. You’ll be able to click on this link to view all Data Quality Alerts for all families and children in the program (Admins) or for the assigned caseload (Home Visitors). This link is in the upper left menu throughout the Family and Children sections as well.

The Data Quality Alerts page is generated when the first user logs in each day. The page let’s you know the date and time of the first login and expires after 24 hours. The notes at the top of the page provide some more details.

For all the alerts shown, the page will tell you how many alerts there are for each without having to open it up.

If you want to narrow down to a specific child or family, just start typing there name in the Search box.

Open up an alert to view the list.

When in the Family section

  • This family has a Data Quality Alert – This warning will be shown from the Family Home, Family, Guardian and Child Data pages if anyone in the family has an alert generated
  • Family DQ Alerts will be shown at the bottom of the family links. Click on this link to view the list of alerts for just that family.

When in the Child section

  • This family has a Data Quality Alert – The warning will show on the Child Data if the family has an alert.
  • Family DQ Alerts will be shown in the family links section for that child. Click on this link to view the list of alerts for just that family.

Hopefully this feature will help you easily stay on top of your data collection requirements and home visit preparation.

Exit and Inactive Status: Adding COVID-19 Information

Over the weekend, we released a new feature where you can indicate if any exiting or inactive/on hold families are due to COVID-19. Here’s an overview of how it works.

First, Admins must turn it on in the Setup section. Preferences were added to both the Exit Reasons and Hold Reasons section. Select “Yes” to show the COVID-19 related indicator.

ILLINOIS PROGRAMS: These fields are already turned on in Preferences.

Now that it’s on, you’ll notice new fields when updating a family’s status to Exited or Inactive/On hold. Here, I’ll go over updating already Exited and Inactive/On hold families to indicate that it’s due to COVID.

Updating Exited and Inactive families

NOTE – This only applies to the family. The COVID-19 indicator does not show up for exited and inactive children.

In the Family section, go to Family Non-Actives or search for a specific family.

In Family Non-Actives, select Exited or Inactive / On Hold Families.

Choose a family to update by clicking on their name. In this example, I’m updating an exited family. But the same applies to inactive families as well.

You’ll land on the Family Data page. Scroll to the Family Enrollment – Status History table at the bottom. And click on the edit pencil for the latest Exited status.

NOTE: This table is also located on the Family Home page

Update the status. When clicking the “Related to COVID-19” checkbox, the “COVID-19 Notes” text field will appear. When unchecked, you won’t see the Notes field.

We’ve updated the Exit Summary report (located under Admin Reports in the Reports section) to include COVID information only if the fields are turned on in Preferences. These columns will show on both the Family and Child Exit Summary reports for both the HTML and CSV formats.

Let us know if you have any questions.