What PATNC’s announcement means for PAT Affiliates already using Visit Tracker.

With PAT National’s latest news, a lot of PAT Affiliates currently using Visit Tracker have questions on what that means for your account. Here is an overview of what is to come and answers to the questions we’ve been getting from you. 

Process for verifying existing Visit Tracker Accounts

All Visit Tracker accounts that are currently listed as a PAT Affiliate account will be prompted in Visit Tracker to update their accounts.

Main Admins will need to update their Program Profile (SETUP > MY ACCOUNT > PROFILE) with the following information:

  • PAT Affiliate ID
  • Data Sharing Acknowledgement to include the program’s data in the PATNC dataset

PAT Affiliate accounts will be prompted from the home page to make the update.

Once updated, the account will show on the home page as “Pending Verification”. Once verified by PATNC, all invoicing will transfer to PATNC.

IMPORTANT: This applies to accounts renewing after July 1, 2024 

The verification process is under development now. Programs will have the ability to update their Profile soon. The verification feature for PATNC will be released shortly after.

My account is renewing before July 1, 2024. Can I pay a prorated amount?

No. Visit Tracker subscriptions are annual. Once your account is verified, your next renewal will be covered by PATNC.

I have a Visit Tracker account for specific funding and have also been using Penelope. Can I add my Penelope data to my existing Visit Tracker account?

Yes, BUT….

All Penelope data will be added to your existing Visit Tracker account as NEW data. So this could result in duplicate families and children that you would have to clean up after the migration.

If this is your scenario, you will need to communicate with PATNC during the Switch Over process that you have an existing Visit Tracker account so that we all know to map to the correct VT account.

I recently switched from Penelope to Visit Tracker. Can I add my Penelope data to my existing Visit Tracker account?

Yes, BUT… see above.

I switched from Visit Tracker to Penelope years ago. Can I add my Penelope data to my old Visit Tracker account?


Most of these accounts have been archived. A new Visit Tracker account will be created.

I’m not a PAT Affiliate anymore, but my account is still listed as a PAT Affiliate. How do I change my account?

When updating your Profile, you’ll be able to change your Program Type to “PAT Approved User / Curriculum Partner”.

As a result, you won’t have to enter a PAT Affiliate ID or acknowledge data sharing. You will handle your own invoicing for the account.