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What PATNC’s announcement means for PAT Affiliates already using Visit Tracker.

With PAT National’s latest news, a lot of PAT Affiliates currently using Visit Tracker have questions on what that means for your account. Here is an overview of what is to come and answers to the questions we’ve been getting from you.  Process for verifying existing Visit Tracker Accounts All Visit Tracker accounts that are

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Tobacco Survey & Referrals

Over the weekend, we updated the Tobacco Survey giving you the ability to record a Referral / Resource Connection directly from the survey. This is only when creating a new Tobacco Survey. If you have the situation where you have discussed tobacco use with a family and offered a referral all at the same time,

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You asked… New MUSE Assessment

A new family assessment called MUSE Family Resources Check-In has been added to Visit Tracker. This will automatically appear in the Family > Assessments section when adding a new assessment. Remember – You can manage the list of assessments that are shown by going to SETUP > PREFERENCES > ASSESSMENTS Only check the assessments that

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Subscription Prices 2024

Effective 4/1/2024, our subscription prices will increase so that we can continue providing the high level of service and support that you count on. View our pricing page for details. You may prepay your upcoming subscription at the current price if we receive your payment prior to 4/1/2024.   If you would like to prepay

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