Updates Coming – Enrollment & Other Services

This year, Visit Tracker will be going through an extensive update to how families and children are enrolled into home visiting. In this article, we’ll give you an overview of what the update will be, when we anticipate the update to be released and what to expect along the way.


Enrollment into home visiting services will be consolidated across all family members. Home visitors will be able to enroll a family into home visiting services and indicate the family members to be included in the enrollment in 1 consolidated page.

Additionally, home visitors will be able to add a family to a Wait List, Recruit List or simply just include in the Mailing List. All independent of whether or not the family is enrolled in home visiting. 

Furthermore, families can be indicated as receiving other services such as Screening only, Group only or Doula services even if they are enrolled in home visiting services as well.

Some practical examples of how this update can be used

A family starts with Doula services and later enrolls into home visiting.

  • Give the family a Doula Services start date.
  • When the family is ready, enroll them into home visiting.
  • The family can continue in both services. Simply end Doula Services when complete and continue with home visiting

A family is added to the Wait List hoping to enroll in home visiting but later decides not to enroll.

  • Give the family a Wait List start date
  • When the family declines home visiting, end the Wait List period.

A family is enrolled in home visiting with 1 child. There is a 2nd child receiving Screening Only services.

  • Enroll the family into home visiting and indicate the 1st child as being included in the enrollment.
  • Do not include the 2nd child in the home visiting services.
  • Give the family a Screening Only start date

What to expect from DataKeeper while we’re working on this update

First, this update will be released after the current program year is complete in order to ensure minimal disruption to current data collection and reporting.

There will be stages to the update where we will be sending out new information and support material to help programs see what the update will look like.

Stage 1

Will be released this weekend on 2/17/2024.

  • Accounts that have mismatched statuses between the family and children will receive a notification.
  • The account will have a Data Cleanup page where these families can be reviewed, corrected if needed and indicated as reviewed.
  • We will have support information to assist with this effort when those programs login to their account.
  • As always, DataKeeper is available to help with any questions you have. 

As we get closer to the next stage, we’ll create another article to give you more details.

Our goal with this update is to give programs and home visitors a more flexible system to represent the services they are providing to their families. By bringing together the management of those services and related family members under 1 section, we hope to improve data quality and consistencies.