Visit Tracker Web New Features!

Home Visiting Software, Visit Tracker Web has recently added some exciting new features.  Educators can now track the Primary Guardian date of birth, gender, marital status, and employment and education history.  Educators can also track Family Income History.  These fields are found under the Guardian Demographic screen.  Another new feature is the addition of the “Health Info” screen that can be found under both the Guardian and the Child.  For the guardian, educators can track Insurance History, survey tobacco use and also medical visits.  Under the child health info, educators can document the child’s Medicaid number and due date.  There is a place for documenting if the child has been diagnosed developmental delay or disability at the time of enrollment and a second question if the child was already receiving services related to the delay or disability upon enrollment.   Also, there are fields for the child’s insurance history and the child’s medical visit history.  With the additions of these new fields, programs using Visit Tracker Web as their Home Visiting Software, are happier than ever!  If you haven’t seen what’s new, check out our demo or sign up for a free 60 trail today!  Visit us at

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software

Visit Tracker Web is a leader in home visiting software.  There are currently over 1000 programs using Visit Tracker Web and growing!  We are consistently making updates and changes to meet the needs of our users.  Do you have a question?  You can search our internal Help tab, but if you still can’t find the answer, email or call our 1-800 support line.  We are happy to assist you!  We also have a large library of free online training videos.  If you haven’t checked out our demo recently, we encourage you login and take a look around.  You can visit the demo by visiting