3 ways to avoid a CATASTROPHE in Visit Tracker

There are a few “no-no’s” when using any online database. Here are a few that may help you to avoid the frustrations of having to re-enter your data.

  1. Be sure that the PVR is only open ONE time! When you are adding a PVR, it is easy to open that PVR more than one time. The PVR will open in a new tab. Before you begin working on your PVR, please check your tabs to make sure there is only one PVR open. If you have multiple tabs open, when you go to save, you could potentially over ride your written, completed PVR with a blank one. You don’t want this to happen! We have no way to restore the PVR for you. Always double check your open tabs!
  2. Log out and close your tabs when you leave your computer! It’s easy to simply walk away from your computer without logged out. If you haven’t logged out, when you come back to your computer, you may see your open Visit Tracker and just begin working again. You could be filling out data on a page that is no longer active because of an auto time out. Visit Tracker will log you off if it is idle for too long. Your work will not be saved and you will have to enter that information again. Not to mention, you have sensitive family information in Visit Tracker. To protect that family information, you should log out whenever you are not actively working.
  3. Don’t use the BACK button in Visit Tracker! When you use the back button, this will cause you to lose the information you just entered. By using the back button, this takes you back to the page before your data was saved. It is always best to close the tab and use the menu options to go from one page to another. *Quick tip – if you see the family/child name in blue, this will take you to the guardian/child data page. This may help you to better navigate Visit Tracker.

Please let us know if you have additional questions or any concerns. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!