APR 2019-2020 – Released

Over night we released the 2019-2020 APR. Here are some highlights about this report.

New – Section I Organizational Design

There are 2 parts to this section that we added: C. Staffing and D. Supervision.

Staffing – If you are using the fields in the home visitors’ data page – Hire Date / End Date / FTE / Hours per week – this section will use those fields to calculate this section. If you are NOT using those fields, you can ignore this section.

Supervision – If you are recording Supervision and Staff Meeting events in the Visit Tracker, this section will report that data.

  • Items D4 and D5 – Use the Home Visitor Data Export at the top of the section to answer these items.
  • Items D6 and D6a report Staff Meetings.

New – Exports

Most of the sections now offer exports just above the section header. These exports are designed to help you look into the details of the report and also see missing data.

Calculation Notes

More notes specific to how sections and items are being calculated have been added. These notes are a result of the questions we receive from you all about how the APR works. We will continue to add more as needed.


You can read the details about this update here: view post.

Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.