CDC Milestones have been added

PAT Affiliate / PAT Approved Users will now have the option to show PAT Milestones or the CDC Milestones on their PVR.

Any other curriculum type (HIPPY, HFA, Family Spirit) can now select to show the CDC Milestones under the Child –> Milestones page.

The Main Admin will have a new option of Milestones under Set Up.

*Note, if a helper admin has full access to all Set Up menu options, the main admin will need to grant permission under User Management.

Under the Milestones set up page, you will have a few options. You can select to Show PAT Milestones or Show CDC Milestones. This will be the Child –> under the Milestones. You can select to show both, if you want. You will need to select the milestones you want to show on the PVR. You will only be able to select 1 option for the PVR.

If you chose to show both, you will see them both under the Child Milestones page.

If you have additional questions about setting up Milestones, please let us know!