Challenges with Generic Case Management Software

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Things to Consider with a Generic Case Management Tool

A generic case management tool might sound like a good idea but can have pitfalls. Here are some of the most common problems reported by users of generic case management tools.

  1. Data goes in, but can be difficult to get out. The very nature of a generic case management tool makes it very challenging to write the customized reports you need. You’ll be fine if your reports are already available and usable in the application. But building new reports or modifying existing reports to meet specific requirements can be very challenging and can require expensive technical experts.
  1. Data entry and reporting can be cumbersome. Generic case management tools must serve many different data entry workflows and many different types of users. Because of this, the workflow of screens within a given case management tool may not match how you actually work. In fact, it may actually make it harder to do your work! This can make it very difficult to find the correct place to enter each data set. At a minimum, significant retraining could be required to overcome this challenge.
  1. Customizations can be very difficult and time consuming. Generic case management tools are often very hard to customize because any changes for one set of users will impact the other users – and they may not want that. To prevent this problem, some generic case management tools strictly limit the type and number of customizations that can be implemented. This may mean that you have to change the way you work to fit the tool rather than changing the tool to fit the way your and your educators work.

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