Quick Facts about Visit Tracker and the recent PATNC Announcement

Here are some quick facts and answers regarding the Monday 3/30/15 announcement from Scott Hippert/PATNC.

We will share more details within the next few weeks and we will update this blog post as new questions are asked.

“Is Penelope buying DataKeeper or VisitTracker?” – No, VisitTracker (the software) and DataKeeper (the company) are not being purchased by the company that owns Penelope or PATNC.

“Is VisitTracker going out of business?” – No, we are not going out of business! We are financially strong and plan to continue serving the needs of our Early Childhood Education clients for many, many years.

“Will VisitTracker continue to support the PAT Curriculum?” – Absolutely!  Most of our clients use the PAT Curriculum and we plan to continue supporting them for many years in the future.

“Who pays for my VisitTracker subscription?” – The agreement between DataKeeper and PATNC whereby PATNC paid for VisitTracker subscriptions for PAT Affiliates ends on June 30, 2015.  As of July 1, 2015, all VisitTracker subscribers will receive a renewal invoice 60 days prior to their renewal date.  All PAT Affiliates subscriptions for VisitTracker renew on October 1, 2015. Our VisitTracker subscription renewal prices are located here.

“Does this affect me?” – The change where by PATNC pays for VisitTracker subscriptions only affects PAT Affiliates that have a VisitTracker subscription.

“Is VisitTracker HIPAA Compliant?” – Yes, we believe we are and have not received any notification or evidence to indicate or demonstrate otherwise. Read more here.

We are disappointed that VisitTracker is no longer endorsed by PATNC but recognize that needs change over time. We want you to make the best choice about the software that you need to run your program and recognize that VisitTracker may not be the best choice for you.  If so, we will miss you as part of our family.  If you do chose to continue relying on VisitTracker to help you run your program, we say “Thanks!” for continuing to trust us to meet your needs.  We plan to continue doing so for a very long time.

– Jeff, Laura, Jen & The VisitTracker Team