Visit Tracker & HIPAA Compliance

We take HIPAA Compliance very seriously and DataKeeper / VisitTrackerWeb is HIPAA Compliant based on our annual external audits.

We don’t specifically publish our security measures or HIPAA compliance methods as those are generally considered security measures themselves and detailing them in general to people outside the company is actually a security violation.

We use industry standard daily/weekly/monthly/annual security and risk management procedures for software companies using the SaaS technology model.  Additionally, we have and will continue to implement industry standard HIPAA policies, procedures and requirements to the best of our ability.

DataKeeper and VisitTracker conduct annual external HIPAA audits.

We conduct annual HIPAA audits with a certified HIPAA examiner.  We conduct quarterly security/privacy training with all employees. If you are aware of a HIPAA non-compliance issue with VisitTracker software, then please notify as soon as possible so that we can correct the issue.

We are also available to discuss our security and HIPAA compliance procedures in more detail – just ask us.


Saas Industry Standards

HIPAA Standards