Licensing Agreement Finalized with PAT

Visit Tracker Web and Parents As Teachers have finalized a licensing agreement which allows our Users to build PAT Records in Visit Tracker.

This license will ensure that you can use Visit Tracker as your chosen database to demonstrate how your program follows the essential requirements of the PAT model and the Quality Assurance process.

As changes are made to Essential Requirements and model fidelity standards, Visit Tracker will work with Parents As Teachers National to ensure that we understand what those changes are and incorporate them into Visit Tracker Web.

We look forward to continue serving you.

Challenges with Generic Case Management Software

Visit Tracker is ONLY for Early Childhood Education

After 19 years of supporting PAT and other home visiting models, Visit Tracker is stronger than ever. Based on our customers’ feedback, we are adding new product features every month. Look for the PAT Planning guide complete with handouts and an activities checklist coming this summer. Visit Tracker will continue to be dedicated to Early Childhood Education and the programs, educators and curriculums that deliver the services our next generations need to thrive and succeed. We believe it should be easy to help children learn & thrive.

Things to Consider with a Generic Case Management Tool

A generic case management tool might sound like a good idea but can have pitfalls. Here are some of the most common problems reported by users of generic case management tools.

  1. Data goes in, but can be difficult to get out. The very nature of a generic case management tool makes it very challenging to write the customized reports you need. You’ll be fine if your reports are already available and usable in the application. But building new reports or modifying existing reports to meet specific requirements can be very challenging and can require expensive technical experts.
  1. Data entry and reporting can be cumbersome. Generic case management tools must serve many different data entry workflows and many different types of users. Because of this, the workflow of screens within a given case management tool may not match how you actually work. In fact, it may actually make it harder to do your work! This can make it very difficult to find the correct place to enter each data set. At a minimum, significant retraining could be required to overcome this challenge.
  1. Customizations can be very difficult and time consuming. Generic case management tools are often very hard to customize because any changes for one set of users will impact the other users – and they may not want that. To prevent this problem, some generic case management tools strictly limit the type and number of customizations that can be implemented. This may mean that you have to change the way you work to fit the tool rather than changing the tool to fit the way your and your educators work.

Visit Tracker’s long history of dedication to PAT and other Early Childhood Education curriculums and our personal and expert support are just a few of the great reasons to pay for your own annual subscription to Visit Tracker.

Visit Tracker Web home visiting software included in PAT Affiliate dues

Yes, you have heard correctly!  Visit Tracker Web home visiting software will be included in your PAT Affiliate fees. This has brought up several questions for programs as they move forward to become a PAT Affiliate.  Many questions are around current Visit Tracker Web invoices.  At this time, we are asking for programs to please pay their invoice in full.  This will help to reduce confusion and possible interruptions in service.  Once we get word from National PAT that your program is now an affiliate, we will send your program a reimbursement check for the difference.  We appreciate your understanding during this time of change!  This process is all new for us and for National PAT!  We so appreciate your patience through this new process!

Visit Tracker Web to make changes to MO Invoice Report for FY2014

Visit Tracker Web home visiting software is currently working on some changes to reflect updates to the state of Missouri’s DESE Invoice report.  Here are some changes to the Invoice report:

  • Non High Needs families will have access to 12 family personal visits instead of 10.
  • MO has adopted the National PAT office High Needs Characteristics but will also keep Single Parent Family and ELL.
  • Changes for the Invoice and Final Report effective for FY14 and will only collect Section I, II and III.

Changes will be available beginning August 2013.  If you are not currently using Visit Tracker Web home visiting software (and still hand counting for your reports), check out our demo at Visit Tracker.  Go to the Reports tab and see just how easy  your reporting can be!

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software will release PAT APR Report soon!

Home Visiting Software, Visit Tracker Web, is working hard to update the 2012-2013 Annual Performance Report for PAT National Center. We anticipate this report to come out by mid April.  If you have ever done an APR by hand counting all home visits, screening, children and families, you know how time consuming this can be!  With Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software, this report will be done in just minutes.  It really is THAT easy!  Visit our demo in mid April to see the APR report or visit the demo at Visit Tracker Web today to see the many other reports we have in our reports tab.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email any time.  We can be reached at 1-800-532-7148 or  We would be more than happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software!

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software Internal Help Menu

Did you know that many of the questions you may have about Visit Tracker Web home visiting software, others have too?  You can explore our internal Help tab, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Once you have logged into Visit Tracker, click on the HELP tab.  Simply type in a few Key Words to your question and click the go arrow.  For example, if you are looking to learn how to exit a family, type in “exit family”.  You will then see a list of questions and answers that others have asked that are all related to exiting a family.  If you are having questions regarding some of the reports, the Help tab can help you with that too!  In the drop down list under “In”, look for Report Explanations.  This will provide a list of the available reports with full explanations!

If you do not find the answer to your question, you can click on “Ask a Question” on the top menu.  Type in your question with as many details as you can provide, and if your question is submitted during normal business hours (8:00 – 3:00 central time), we will most often answer your question within an hour of your submitting it!

Our internal Help tab is just another avenue for you to get the support you need when working in Visit Tracker Web home visiting software.  Don’t forget, you can always call our 1-800 number (1-800-532-7148) or email us at for support too!

Visit Tracker Web New Features!

Home Visiting Software, Visit Tracker Web has recently added some exciting new features.  Educators can now track the Primary Guardian date of birth, gender, marital status, and employment and education history.  Educators can also track Family Income History.  These fields are found under the Guardian Demographic screen.  Another new feature is the addition of the “Health Info” screen that can be found under both the Guardian and the Child.  For the guardian, educators can track Insurance History, survey tobacco use and also medical visits.  Under the child health info, educators can document the child’s Medicaid number and due date.  There is a place for documenting if the child has been diagnosed developmental delay or disability at the time of enrollment and a second question if the child was already receiving services related to the delay or disability upon enrollment.   Also, there are fields for the child’s insurance history and the child’s medical visit history.  With the additions of these new fields, programs using Visit Tracker Web as their Home Visiting Software, are happier than ever!  If you haven’t seen what’s new, check out our demo or sign up for a free 60 trail today!  Visit us at

Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software

Visit Tracker Web is a leader in home visiting software.  There are currently over 1000 programs using Visit Tracker Web and growing!  We are consistently making updates and changes to meet the needs of our users.  Do you have a question?  You can search our internal Help tab, but if you still can’t find the answer, email or call our 1-800 support line.  We are happy to assist you!  We also have a large library of free online training videos.  If you haven’t checked out our demo recently, we encourage you login and take a look around.  You can visit the demo by visiting

Make the switch to Visit Tracker Web today!

What home visiting software are you using?  We have programs every week that are switching from other home visiting software systems to Visit Tracker Web.  Why are they making the switch?  Number 1, Visit Tracker Web is easy to use!  Home visitors can easily find their way around and input data quickly.  Number 2, Visit Tracker Web allows supervisors to review all files online and run many reports.  Number 3, cost!  Visit Tracker Web costs less than any other home visiting software out there.  With budgets tight, we understand that you need a great product, at a great price!   Why not give Visit Tracker Web a try?  We offer a free 60 day trial.  Visit our website at today!