Visit Tracker Tips and Tricks!

Not to be confused with Trick-or-Treats this Halloween!  Visit Tracker Web, home visiting software, has many user friendly tips and tricks that make using Visit Tracker that much easier!  Here are just a few:

1.  Did you know you can Export your data into an Excel spreadsheet?  On the Welcome screen (the screen that opens when you first login OR by clicking on your name in the lower right hand corner) you will see on the left side a link that says “Export Data”.  You can then select the type of data you want to export (Guardian data, child data, screening data, etc).

2.  When you are on that Welcome screen, you can click on the Guardian’s name under Upcoming Private Contacts and you will be taken directly to the Contact History of that guardian.

3.  When looking up a child or guardian, you click on the small magnifying glass next to the drop down menu.  This will find the guardian or child no matter what status they have (Active, Exited, Wait list, etc.).

4.  If you are in the Guardian/child drop down menu, you can just type the first letter of the last name and the list will pop down to them quickly. In fact, if you type the first two letters of the last name quickly, it will get even closer.

That’s all the tips and tricks for now!  If you’re currently not a Visit Tracker Web subscriber, check out our demo by visiting and click on the Demo tab.  You can also sign up for a 60 Free Trial!  Check back soon for more tips on using Visit Tracker Web home visiting software!

Have YOU tried Visit Tracker Web Home Visiting Software yet?

What are you waiting for???  Educators and Program Supervisors are constantly sharing Visit Tracker Web with other programs and educators.  Mary C. from MO just signed up last week because another program supervisor kept going on about how Visit Tracker Web is the BEST home visiting software out there!  After looking on the demo, Mary was hooked and signed up right away.  She was excited to see how user friendly this home visiting software really is. Visit Tracker will save you and your educators so much time.  Reports are easy to run, documents are easy to find and fill out and all family and child information is stored securely in one place.  Is your program “going green”?  By using Visit Tracker Web, there is no longer the need for paper files.  Why not check out the demo today?  You can log on to our demo at   If you like what you see, but feel you need more time to evaluate, sign up for a 60 day free trial!  Sign up for the trial at

Visit Tracker Web Screening Re-Design!

Home visiting software, Visit Tracker Web has just re-designed the screening page!  Educators and Home Visitors requested, and we delivered!  We are excited that Educators will now have the option to add specific screening scores.  There are now sections to document specific data on Developmental, Health, Hearing, and Vision Screenings.  The referral form has been moved to the bottom of the Screening Summary form, so all screening information is located in one convenient place, on one form.  Like before, Educators still can access the Screening Form from the Personal Visit Record and view screening history.  We are excited about these changes and hope you will check them out by visiting   If you have a home visiting program and need a  GREAT home visiting software, why not sign up for  a free 60 day trial?  Sign up at

VisitTracker Web Support Team

“I love that I get to talk to a REAL person every time I call! You are always so helpful!”  That’s what sets VisitTracker Web apart from other Home Visiting Software.  Our support team is here for you when you need answers!  AND, we’ve been there!  We were once home visitors too.  This helps us to know what you are going through so we can offer the best solutions to your questions or concerns.

Any time you have questions, you can call, email, use the internal HELP menu, view training videos…. we make it easy for you to find answers when you need them.  Providing you with a great product and great customer service is what we’re all about!  If you aren’t already using VisitTracker Web Home Visiting Software, we hope that you’ll check us out by signing up for a free 60 day trial.  Visit us at  We would be honored to have you as part of our VisitTracker Web Family!

VisitTrackerWeb Home Visiting Software

VisitTracker Web is a user friendly Home Visiting Software that allows home visitors to organize their family case files online.  Sonya in TX, said “I am surprised and delighted that the database is so easy for my educators to use!”.  The Visit Planner is a great way for educators to prepare for the visit and then document observations and goals once the visit is over.  Did you know there are built in links in the visit planner that will take you right to the Resource Referral page and another link to take you to the Screening page?  This streamlines the documentation process for the home visitors by having everything they need in one place!  When educators (or supervisors) are needing to access information, Reports are easy to run.  Simply click on the Reports Tab.

VisitTracker Web is Home Visiting Software that everyone will love.  If your program isn’t using VisitTracker Web yet, sign up today for a free 60 trial.  Visit and click on Sign-Up.  We look forward to having you as part of the VisitTracker Family!


VisitTrackerWeb is the leading Home Visiting Software!

Joann from MO told me today “My educators’ hair would catch fire if we didn’t have our VisitTracker!”  Have you ever had a piece of home visiting software that evokes such a reaction from your home visitors?  Home Visitors/Parent Educators rely on and depend on their VisitTrackerWeb!  Wouldn’t you if it made your job easier to do??  This home visiting software is easy to use, and educators love that they can track home visits, enter observations, track developmental screenings, track and follow-up on resource referrals (and so much more!) all in one place!  Administrators love that they can manage their program by easily running necessary reports for state and national reports, grants and funders, and internal audits.

If you haven’t started using VisitTrackerWeb yet, find out what all the excitement is about!  Sign up today for a free 60 day trial and take the LEADING Home Visiting software for a test drive!