Visit Tracker Tips and Tricks!

Not to be confused with Trick-or-Treats this Halloween!  Visit Tracker Web, home visiting software, has many user friendly tips and tricks that make using Visit Tracker that much easier!  Here are just a few:

1.  Did you know you can Export your data into an Excel spreadsheet?  On the Welcome screen (the screen that opens when you first login OR by clicking on your name in the lower right hand corner) you will see on the left side a link that says “Export Data”.  You can then select the type of data you want to export (Guardian data, child data, screening data, etc).

2.  When you are on that Welcome screen, you can click on the Guardian’s name under Upcoming Private Contacts and you will be taken directly to the Contact History of that guardian.

3.  When looking up a child or guardian, you click on the small magnifying glass next to the drop down menu.  This will find the guardian or child no matter what status they have (Active, Exited, Wait list, etc.).

4.  If you are in the Guardian/child drop down menu, you can just type the first letter of the last name and the list will pop down to them quickly. In fact, if you type the first two letters of the last name quickly, it will get even closer.

That’s all the tips and tricks for now!  If you’re currently not a Visit Tracker Web subscriber, check out our demo by visiting and click on the Demo tab.  You can also sign up for a 60 Free Trial!  Check back soon for more tips on using Visit Tracker Web home visiting software!