Coordinated Intake Reports Updated

For Coordinated Intake Agencies, the Case Status Summary and CIAT Export reports have  been updated.

Case Status Summary

  • This report analyzes new applications
  • For the CI Agency that is running the report, a new application is an application created by the CI Agency or received by the CI Agency.
  • Use the date range filter to specify which new applications to be summarized.
  • The report will breakdown those applications based on their current status of Open, Closed, or Received as well as the % enrolled and declined.

CIAT Export

  • The CIAT Export will list all new applications and details related to the Case Status Summary report.
  • To get the list of applications reported in the Case Status Summary, use the same date range.

*A note about closed applications with Reason = “referred to non VT program”

  • The Case Status Summary report will display a Referral Agency table which breaks down all applications “referred to a non VT program”. This table will list how many applications were sent to each Referral Agency
  • The Referral Agency list can be managed by the administrator for the Coordinated Intake Agency in Setup > Referral Agency