Coordinated Intake Updates

There have been a few updates to Coordinated Intake within the last week or so. Here’s an overview of what those are.


This report analyzes new coordinated intake applications – those created and received within a chosen period of time. The report was updated to include a breakdown of the following:

  • Applications received and sent to home visiting agencies using Visit Tracker and enrolled / declined details.
  • Applications that were sent to a referral agency (those not using Visit Tracker for home visiting services). More about Referral Agencies below.
  • Of the applications declined, a table showing how many declined by each reason.


The Main Admin of the Coordinated Intake Agency can create and manage a list of agencies where applications are being referred outside the Visit Tracker Coordinated Intake system. When a coordinated intake worker closes an application indicating “referred to non VTprogram”, the worker selects the Referral Agency from this list created by the Admin. Referral Agency management is found in the Admin’s Setup section.

With the update, you can now categorize the agency and enter an email address. The Case Status Summary report will report on the Referral Agencies receiving applications and a breakdown by category as well.

If there is an email address associated with the Referral Agency, that person will receive an email notification that you sent them a referral.


Email notifications were also added to the Visit Tracker accounts for cases where the Main Admin is not logging into Visit Tracker very often. It will notify them when an application has been delivered to their Visit Tracker account. This feature can be turned off and on from the Capacity row located on both the Admin home page and the CIAT List page.


And finally, we updated the Enroll reasons for Visit Tracker to the following:

  • Enrolled in home visiting – Was Enrolled. This reason enrolls the family into the home visiting program and assigns them to a home visitor. Because of the link between Coordinated Intake and home visiting services, Visit Tracker can report service delivery information for family’s coming through Coordinated Intake.
  • Enrolled in other services – Was Enrolled in Referral Agency. There was no change to what happens when selecting this reason. Only the text was updated. The purpose, for this reason, is to be able to indicate that although the family was not enrolled in the home visiting services offered by the agency, the family was enrolled into other services offered by the agency.

Stay tuned for more Coordinated Intake updates coming soon.