1/13 We now track medical provider visits, parent and child insurance history, parent education & income history, etc. These new features are mandatory for MIECHV grant recipients but available for others to use also.

1/13  Several new features were finalized for MIECHV grant recipients.  Watch our Training Video to see all a quick demo of all the new features ->  New Features 1/6/2013 – 20 min – New Health Info screen, new fields .

We now have a “Health Info” screen for both Guardians and Children.  We will expand this screen more in the future, but for now, you can track medicaid number there, disability information for children, dates of medical provider visits (if your administrator turns on the new feature in their SETUP-preferences).

Tobacco use, Marital status, Guardian Date of Birth are also now tracked.

On the demographics screen for the Guardians, there are new sections tracking employment tracking, education tracking, and income tracking, etc.  These areas will allow us to track how these items change over time where our old “yearly income” field and “Parent Education level” field did not track changes over time.  We recommend having educators transfer the data from yearly income and Parent Education level into the new tracking areas and then the administrator of your program can go turn off those fields so only the new ones will be used.  (SETUP-preferences)

Watch the training video from the link above for a much more full demonstration of all new features.