New Feature! *Program Type and Visit Frequency / Case level*

The Program Administrator must go to SETTINGS – Profile and choose the appropriate “Program Type(s)” for your program.   (If you are an educator, check with your administrator immediately to make sure they do this.  If you continue to add families before this is complete, incorrect data may be entered for some families.)    (Example:  if you are a PAT Affiliate and MIECHV funded, please check both.  If you are an HFA site using the PAT curriculum but you are not a PAT program, click only HFA).

Depending on the “program type” set, your Visit Frequency/Case Level field on the Guardian-Demographics field should show the appropriate choices.  For HFA, the choices will be Level 1-P, Level 1-SS, etc.  For PAT or most other programs, the choices will be Monthly, Bi-weekly, etc. When the Administrator chooses a Program Type for the first time, all guardians will be given the a “default” visit frequency level just so educators don’t have to visit every family to use this new feature.  The default for PAT Affiliates is “Bi-weekly” in this 1st use case.  So, educators will need to visit every guardian who is NOT supposed to be set at the  level and click edit to change that level manually just to get started correctly.   

Once these case levels are entered for each guardian, the Educators will have an accurate “Case Load” weight on their Educator Screen and the “Case Level Reports” from the reports screen will be correct.  This should help Administrators know which educators have a full caseload.

A complete case level change history will be kept for all guardians.