Attention All MIECHV funded programs. You must mark a child the TARGET CHILD…

Attention all MIECHV funded programs!  The MIECHV form 1 report was new inside Visit Tracker in August 2013.  You must designate which individual child(ren) is/was the MIECHV target child for this report to calculate correctly.  While most states have decided that each family has only one target child, there are special circumstances in the case of twins and in some states other reasons for marking more than one target child per family – check with your state evaluators.  Any child marked “target child” in Visit Tracker will get counted if they have received at least one visit.  Only guardians with at least one target child will get counted in the guardian sections of MIECHV form 1.

For ALL MIECHV funded programs, the Visit Tracker Administrator needs to log-in, go to SETUP tab and down to “Preferences” on the left. Find and answer Yes to the


This will turn “on” the Priority Population box on the Guardian demographics screen & the check box to designated a child as the MIECHV target child in the family.

ALL EDUCATORS need to go mark the child(ren) for each family the MIECHV target child. When the MIECHV Form 1 demographics report is run for your families, only families with a MIECHV target child indicated will be included and only MIECHV target children will be included in the computations.  (The easiest way to do this is to go to your Children tab, go to the first child in the list and indicate if they are a target child or not, then use the pink arrows next to the child drop down menu to scroll through the children marking any that are MIECHV target children and saving their screen. ) VERY IMPORTANT -You will also need to go through your EXITED children list and mark any of the children that were MIECHV target children when they were enrolled.