NEW FEATURES!! – August 21, 2013

On Guardian Demographics page – (if turned on in Setup Preferences by your system admin) – There is now a box for MIECHV Priority Populations tracking.   Three of these items will calculate based on data entered in other parts of Visit Tracker.

  1. Low income will auto calculate based on Federal guidelines according to the information you have entered into the Guardian Income data on Guardian demographics.
  2. Pregnant women not yet 21 – will calculate based on child’s DOB/due date & guardian DOB.
  3. Tobacco products in the home – will calculate based on the data you entered in the Substance Use Survey on Guardian Health Info.  However, there is a new question on that survey that you need to go answer for each family, “Does anyone in the home use tobacco products?”.

The other MIECHV Priority Population checkboxes must be manually checked if they apply.  See your MIECHV Form 1 for definitions of each item and further assistance.

On Guardian Health Info – There is a new question on that Substance Use Survey that you need to go answer for each family, “Does anyone in the home use tobacco products?”.  Just open the most recent survey that you entered and enter that data.
On Guardian Health info – There is a contraception Use survey (If turned on in Setup Preferences by your system admin).
On Child Health Info – There is a spot to enter Breastfeeding information.  You have probably also seen that on the PVR and you can still answer it on the PVR and it will show up in the Health info screen.  However, you can also enter it right on the Health Info.
A new Exit Reason has been added for everyone, “Completed Services Required by Model”.  This reason should be used if a guardian/child is exited because they did indeed complete services required by your model.  Any other exit reason will be classified as exiting without completing services.
MIECHV Form 1 is now ready.  On your reports, you will now see a FORM 1.  (This is a program level report and can only be run by Administrators).

For more information on these new features, click the link to watch the training video.  New Features – 8/21/13