New Features were released Friday 1/9/15!

HIPPY home visiting model customers: If your program type is specified as HIPPY, you will notice a new report “HIPPY Screening/Assessment”. Take a look and let us know what you think. One item to note: this report currently has columns for Parent Questionnaire but that questionnaire is not yet available in VT so it is blank at this time until VT finishes the inclusion of that Questionnaire.

Screening Compliance Report – We had an error on this report that was not calculating correctly for some children who were enrolled prior to 4 months old. While it was calculating correctly on the APR, it was not showing correctly on this report. This has been fixed.

Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding survey will no longer show up after a child has been marked with “Never” or “Weaned”. The Group Connections report now has a column to calculate “Father’s present” if that information is typed on the Attendance report. This will show 0 for past Group connections since that data entry wasn’t available. You may go back to any old group connections report that you wish to edit if you have that information available to enter.

PVR Report changes –

1. In the past, private visits where pvr’s were created and then the visit was cancelled would still show on the PVR report but not be counted in the bottom totals. The PVR report will no longer show unless the visit is still marked “Private”.

2. Also, if two pvr’s were on the same day, the PVR report was filtering out the second one and only showing the first. This was “left over programming” for when two children had separate pvr’s for the same visit and we only wanted to count it as one visit. This problem went un-noticed for a while because rarely do educators make two visits to the same home on the same day. However, it is fixed and if you do have two PVR’s on the same day, they will show up. They were always counting correctly on the APR and other reports, just not showing twice on the PVR report.