Several new features that have been requested by our users have recently been added to Visit Tracker.

1.  On the Family List and Child List reports, the “Enrolled since” filter has been expanded to allow for a specific starting and ending enrollment date to be entered and therefore narrow the search more efficiently.

2.  On the PVR, at the bottom, educators can now specify when the write-up has been completed exactly.  When the “Y” is selected indicating the visit and write-up has been completed, a date stamp will be saved that will allow an administrator to know exactly when the write-up was completed.  The date will not be changeable.  Educators should not enter a “Y” until after the visit and when they are completed with write-up. This feature has been requested many times by administrators wanting to better understand how quickly after a visit the educators are completing their write-ups.

3.  Administrators had noticed an error when trying to send email to educators from the EDUCATOR tab.  This has been fixed.

4.  The Futures Without Violence assessment scoring area will now allow a minimum score 0f 10 instead of 12 to accommodate several versions of that assessment.

We also want to take this opportunity again to insist that ADMINISTRATORS at each site go into SETUP tab and choose “ethnic categ” on the left and put in a Federal Code for each of the race categories specified.  Since your list may be different than the Federal list now being tracked, you need to map each of your race categories to a Federal code or they will not be counted correctly.