Form 2 IL – Updated

The MIECHV Form 2 Illinois report has been updated. Not in Illinois? Not a MIECHV funded program? You may still want to have a look at this report.

Summary of the updates

  • Primary guardians – Guardian constructs only report on the primary guardian as of the end of the reporting period.
  • MIECHV Site Code – Once a family is assigned the MIECHV code, this report will calculate based on the date of the family’s start date for the MIECHV code if that filter is selected. (see more details about this below)

Primary Guardian Details

The guardian designated as primary on the last day in the report date range will be the guardian reported. In most cases, the guardian you first enrolled in the family is the remains as the primary.

But what if a second guardian was added to the family later on and made the primary guardian?

The second guardian – now the primary guardian as of the end of the reporting period – will be the one reported. This means that constructs with enrollment timelines will calculate based on the guardian’s Participation Start Date and not the family’s Enroll Date since the guardian started after the family was enrolled.

The main thing to know is that any time you change the primary guardian, you must make sure that the new primary guardian receives all the required assessments and you collect all their required data.

MIECHV Site Code

Once a family is assigned the MIECHV Site Code (the very first time), the family will always be reported as a MIECHV Family even if the family is given a different Site Code later on. The family is also reported based on the start date of the MIECHV Site Code.

If a family is assigned the MIECHV code after they’ve been enrolled, Form 2 will use the MIECHV Site Code start date as the day the family was “enrolled” for MIECHV reporting purposes.

A filter allows you to decide whether you want to run this report based on the new MIECHV Site Code udpates, or as you have been running the report all along.

Here’s a screenshot of the report filters:

If the box is checked, the report will only report families that have MIECHV in their Site/Fund Code history table regardless of what Site/Fund Codes are selected in the filters. The report will only consider services on/after the MIECHV start date.

For programs not MIECHV funded or that have families not assigned to MIECHV, uncheck this box.

NOTE: The same information applies to the Form 1 report regarding this filter.


You may have been wondering what’s going on with the Form 2 Data Tracking Report. We’re adding Form 2 Data Tracking information inside the Family section. Once released, there will be a MIECHV Form 2 link in the family links where you will be able to review all constructs and the status of your data collection, see upcoming items and set reminders.