HIPPY Updates – Curriculum and PVR

HIPPY updates were released this weekend. Here’s a summary of what those updates are.

HIPPY Curriculum Enrollment

Each curriculum year a child is enrolled can now be given a start and end date from the child’s data page.

Here’s a tutorial on how to manage a child’s enrollment history.

For children that have already been enrolled and participating in HIPPY, the Curriculum Enrollment table will already be pre-populated with start and end dates based on PVR information. Follow the steps in the article to update as needed.

Personal Visit Record Update

The personal visit record has been updated. It will no longer open up in a new tab. The PVR will now open as a Visit Tracker page. Although the data entered remains the same, the fields have been updated. The new PVR will format better on different devices such as tablets and phones.

Here are a few screenshots of the new HIPPY PVR.

Let us know if you have any questions