Jan 31 is the due date for MIECHV software to kick out the numbers!

HRSA has put a Jan 31 deadline to receive the first data reports from MIECHV grantees.  Visit Tracker Web is the MIECHV data tracking software for many of the MIECHV grantees and several states have elected to use it statewide.  Some states have designed and requested an XML export of all the MIECHV data directly from Visit Tracker Web and others will have their individual sites fill out MIECHV Form 1 and Form 2 and send it to evaluators.  Either way, educators must track the data that needs to be submitted before it’s available.  Training is ongoing to make sure educators enter the data that is required for HRSA reports.  Any remaining data elements needed for MIECHV software that are not currently found in Visit Tracker Web will be available by end of year 2012.  Please direct any questions to Visit Tracker support at 1-800-532-7148.