Visit Tracker FERPA Compliance

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.  The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable program of the US Department of Education.


Third Party Release Data

The Department of Education has ruled that education records and personally identifiable information may be released – without consent – to third-party vendors, volunteers and non-employees under the following provision.

Contractors, volunteers and any non-employees that have access to student records or identifying information must be included in the institution’s Annual Notification of FERPA as “school officials with legitimate interests”. Third parties performing institutional services may be under “direct control” of the institution. An institution may not release data to any organization that intends to release or use that data for reasons outside the needs and requests of the institution.  DataKeeper/Visit Tracker complies with this FERPA ruling and should be included in your institution’s Annual Notification of FERPA.

DataKeeper/Visit Tracker will never release or share your personally identifiable data without a completed Data Sharing Agreement executed by you and your data recipient.

Visit Tracker performs nicely as MIECHV software for Illinois!

MIECHV software is not readily available perfect for any certain grantee.  As each different grantee will function within different benchmarks, home visiting models, and reporting requirements, each needs CUSTOM software.  Visit Tracker software already tracks all the MIECHV demographic data and has MIECHV Form 1 built-in.  Therefore, Form 2 and benchmark tracking is the only area where customization’s might be needed.  Visit Tracker has completed these customization’s for several states and is now serving home visiting models PAT, Hippy, and EHS with MIECHV software.  Illinois had originally chosen another data tracking software package, only to be very disappointed, and has since switched to Visit Tracker and been able to enter all back data and re submit data for their first year as well as submit data for their second year.

MIECHV Software

The State of Washington has chosen Visit Tracker for their MIECHV Software and Visit Tracker has delivered.  So far, several customizations were made to track MIECHV benchmarks exactly as Washington needs them, trainings were conducted to ensure all educators understood data entry requirements and procedures, and Form 1 and Form 2 data has been collected and exported for analysis to Washington.  That’s a wrap!  Washington leaders communicated needs and Visit Tracker Web software delivered!  If you are looking for data tracking MIECHV software, call 1-800-532-7148.

Visit Tracker Web is the MIECHV Software for Illinois

Visit Tracker Web already fulfilled 95% of the requirements needed by MIECHV grantees in Illinois and has been selected to be their MIECHV software of choice.  A couple items will be customized for their needs so that 100% of their benchmark data will be collected in Visit Tracker Web.  Programmers will be adding contraception tracking and additional assessments in use by Illinois home visitors.  The PICCOLO, KIDI, and Parenting Stress Index are among the assessments that will be added.  The HOME assessment was recently finished and is also in use in Illinois.

Illinois joins other states such as Texas, Washington, Missouri and others in choosing Visit Tracker for their MIECHV needs.  These states have PAT, HFA, Even Start and other home visiting groups that will join together in using Visit Tracker.  One user noted, “In less than 30 days we have more usable information in the system than we were able to input in the system we replaced after an entire year and we spent a fraction of the cost – Thank you Visit Tracker!”



Washington and Illinois using Visit Tracker Web for MIECHV

MIECHV software is the main priority for states receiving MIECHV dollars this year.  Software is being evaluated on the availability of data-tracking elements matching each state’s individual benchmark, the ability to fulfil the daily data tracking needs of the individual educators, as well as the ability to produce reports for other local, state, and national needs.  Visit Tracker Web is the leading MIECHV Software for Parents as Teachers and in several states is serving EHS, NFP, and HFA home visiting programs also.  Illinois is the most recent state committing to Visit Tracker Web to provide their MIECHV data-tracking needs.  Winning the contract in Illinois proves that Visit Tracker Web is the most versatile, least expensive, and most customizable software available.  More importantly is the speed at which Visit Tracker Web designers can have any custom elements desired put into the system.  A state shouldn’t have to hire a professional software designer to help direct the changes they desire, Visit Tracker Web has one of staff to do all that for you.

MIECHV Software Breakthrough!

Visit Tracker Web is breaking through all barriers as they become the MIECHV software of choice for several states.  Early Head Start, Parents As Teachers, and Healthy Families America are now using Visit Tracker for all their MIECHV Software needs.  Visit Tracker trainers just returned from Texas, are headed to Illinois today, and will train Georgia and Arizona soon.  If your MIECHV site needs data tracking software, call the sales and support line at DataKeeper Technologies and ask about the free 60 day preview for Visit Tracker Web.  Try it before you buy it.  Over 7000 users now use Visit Tracker Web in all 50 states.  1-800-532-7148

MIECHV Software training in Texas

Laura Ruether, Visit Tracker Web trainer, recently visited & provided training for all Texas PAT supervisors and administrators in New Braunfels, Texas. About 55 people were present.  Visit Tracker is the MIECHV software of choice for Texas and all PAT programs in Texas not funded by MIECHV are also using Visit Tracker Web.  The training consisted mostly of an overview of all the new features completed in Visit Tracker web over the last six months, most of which were specifically completed to make Visit Tracker the premier MIECHV software for Parents As Teachers and Early Head Start Programs.  Administrators and supervisors and state leaders were able to ask questions and make suggestions for further customizations and the training was definitely a success.  One administrator said “Visit Tracker has the best software support of any piece of software I’ve ever used”, and another said “We just love Visit Tracker and how you all will customize it to our needs so quickly, thank you very much for being so approachable.”

MIECHV Software – Visit Tracker

Visit Tracker is the software choice for many MIECHV grantees.  Data tracking elements have been added to measure each MIECHV benchmark.  Recently alcohol and illicit drugs tracking has been added to be tracked along with tobacco use.  The state of Washington is also funding the HOME assessment inside Visit Tracker.  If you are an MIECHV grantee and you need local data tracking software that can easily be rolled up into ad hoc reports for/by your state leaders, check out Visit Tracker now.  With over 7000 clients in all 50 states and Canada, Visit Tracker has learned how to make simple software to do very robust things.  Visit to play in a demo or signup for a free trial account.  The trial account is a fully working version that will continue to be yours if you decide you like it within 60 days.  If not, pay nothing.  MIECHV software and home visiting software can be one in the same.  There is never a need to double enter.  Talk to your state leader and have them look at Visit Tracker Web now.

Custom MIECHV Software

While Visit Tracker Web has over 14 years of experience serving home visitation model,s and over 6500 users, they still call themselves a “custom software shop”.  As each MIECHV grantee state is setting their own benchmarks, DataKeeper Technologies is working hard to make sure that the Visit Tracker Web MIECHV software is custom for each state.  Most of the time, Visit Tracker has already designed the data capture methods that are at the base level and therefore different answers to different questions can be extrapolated from that base level data, but once in awhile a certain state captures the information quite differently and custom programming needs to be performed specifically for that state.  It’s no problem.  Visit Tracker Web can make sure that your users see the questions and data capture methods particular to your state while still seeing everything else that applies to all home visiting models also.  Just call the support line for DataKeeper Technologies and make an appointment with our MIECHV specialist to discuss your custom needs. 1-800-532-7148