MIECHV Software training in Texas

Laura Ruether, Visit Tracker Web trainer, recently visited & provided training for all Texas PAT supervisors and administrators in New Braunfels, Texas. About 55 people were present.  Visit Tracker is the MIECHV software of choice for Texas and all PAT programs in Texas not funded by MIECHV are also using Visit Tracker Web.  The training consisted mostly of an overview of all the new features completed in Visit Tracker web over the last six months, most of which were specifically completed to make Visit Tracker the premier MIECHV software for Parents As Teachers and Early Head Start Programs.  Administrators and supervisors and state leaders were able to ask questions and make suggestions for further customizations and the training was definitely a success.  One administrator said “Visit Tracker has the best software support of any piece of software I’ve ever used”, and another said “We just love Visit Tracker and how you all will customize it to our needs so quickly, thank you very much for being so approachable.”