Visit Tracker performs nicely as MIECHV software for Illinois!

MIECHV software is not readily available perfect for any certain grantee.  As each different grantee will function within different benchmarks, home visiting models, and reporting requirements, each needs CUSTOM software.  Visit Tracker software already tracks all the MIECHV demographic data and has MIECHV Form 1 built-in.  Therefore, Form 2 and benchmark tracking is the only area where customization’s might be needed.  Visit Tracker has completed these customization’s for several states and is now serving home visiting models PAT, Hippy, and EHS with MIECHV software.  Illinois had originally chosen another data tracking software package, only to be very disappointed, and has since switched to Visit Tracker and been able to enter all back data and re submit data for their first year as well as submit data for their second year.