Changes to PVR per request from National PAT

National PAT has recently changed the PVR form and worked with Visit Tracker to get our form compliant with theirs. So, you may notice some slight changes. There is no need to go back and change any previous visits, but if you are a PAT affiliate, you must use all parts of the new PVR form. Yes, we understand it may be longer, but with the new formatting, it may also get shorter for some families also.Notes about the new PVR:

1. All previous resource connections (resource referrals) made where followup was not properly marked will appear and an icon will easily let you mark followup. We realize this may mean some extra time in conducting and correctly marking “followup” if you have not been doing so, but after you do so, only the most recent without followup marked will show up. This section should provide you with an excellent reminder to conduct proper followup.

2. The Family Well-Being section (where you have always marked resource referrals) has changed slightly. National PAT is now calling referrals CR-“Connected to Resource” as liabilities for cost of connections called “referrals” were causing problems. This section has been reformatted to be more in line with the PAT National form.

Family Well-Being:
(choose “I” if information was shared, “CR” is connected to Resource/made referral, “N” for nothing)

3. All “unmet” goals are showing up. If you have not been properly marking goals met, you may see several that need to be updated at this time but they will go away once you mark “met”

4. National added a new checkbox section for each child and we therefore added that to the PVR.

Developmental topics:
Healthy births Attachment Discipline Health Nutrition Safety Sleep Transitions/Routines

5. A new Visit & Write Up Completed? Y N section is now at the bottom which you should mark Yes when you have indeed completed the visit and write up. This will store a date and I believe your PAT rules request that you get a writeup completed within so many days of the actual visit. This will help show compliance.

We understand change is hard. Change causes us considerable time, programming costs, and support costs, but Visit Tracker must keep up with the appropriate forms at PAT National. Thank you for your understanding.

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