Latest Improvements and Fixes as of 10/4/2017


Reports and Exports

  • New Report –¬†Caseload Roster – Located in the Service Reports column under Caseload Summary. This report will list all Active children, their guardians, and related information. You can run the report as HTML or as a CSV file to download into Excel.
    • Note: HIPPY Programs already have this report in the HIPPY Reports column
  • Guardian Data Export – New columns added – “Homeless/Unstable” will display ‘Y’ if this checkbox is selected for the guardian. “Primary Parent Housing Status” will display the most recent entry for the guardian.
  • PMR Report – Home Visitor filter added – You can now run the report for your entire program or you can select to view the report for each home visitor.

Data Fields and Inputs

  • Child Birth Weight – There are 2 fields – 1 for pounds and 1 for ounces.
  • Guardian Language Selections – Telugu has been added to the list of languages
  • Breastfeeding Survey – “No – medical reasons” has been added to the selections

Guardian Assessments

  • Bracken – “Not appropriate to assess” has been added to the “Why not?” list when selecting “No” for “Did child complete the entire assessment?”.

Other Features

  • Calendar – When scheduling a Staff Event, the calendar will display the title of the event along with the event category
  • Calendar – Editing Group Events – An edit option has been added to Group and Play Group contacts in the calendar. Click on the date and you will see options “Edit”, “Attendance” and “Delete”.


  • Read-Only Helper Admins – Access to Data Exports has been restored.