MIECHV data tracked using Visit Tracker

MIECHV Software is extremely important to any agency who received MIECHV funding recently.  Yes, Visit Tracker Web software collects MIECHV data!  Everyone who received MIECHV funding is looking for software that will assist them in tracking the data needed to show progress on the benchmarks set by their organization.  Visit Tracker Web is the software chosen by the state of Texas for all their MEICHV data tracking and is in use in several other states as well.  Especially if the MIECHV data is being collected within the framework of a Parents as Teachers program, then Visit Tracker is for you; but several Healthy Families America, Even Start programs, and Early Head Start programs are using Visit Tracker also.  Another benefit is that Visit Tracker has been around for over a dozen years and already has thousands of customers which helps keep costs down and enables Visit Tracker to be the least expensive solution for MIECHV software.  Click here for more information on MIECHV Software