MIECHV Software shown at National PAT Convention

Visit Tracker Web is the preferred record keeping software for Parents As Teachers and is now being used by recipients of MIECHV grant monies also.  MIECHV Software needs to be very customizable in its reporting so that each organization can take the data and report it in the way it is requested by their state.  Visit Tracker offers several formatted reports as well as a data export that can be used in any spreadsheet or reporting software to prepare very professional reports.  Also, Health and Human Services is very apt to change the benchmarks they want reported, so the MIECHV Software organizations choose must be very flexible and track the data in such a way that calculations can easily be changed for data to meet a new standard.  Visit Tracker Web is working with several states to incorporate/store the data in a way that many different questions can be answered so that it is easily changeable in the future.  If you have any questions concerning using Visit Tracker Web as your MIECHV Software, please call 1-800-532-7148 or email info@data-keeper.com  Visit Tracker Web will also have a booth at the upcoming 2012 National Parents As Teachers Convention held in St. Louis Mo.