Multiple Guardians 01 – An Overview

The Multiple Guardian project is scheduled for a release toward the end of February. As progress is made, we’ll continue to release more details ahead of time to support you with this change. With the ability to be able to add more than 1 guardian to a family, there will be some changes to how you navigate the system.  Here’s an overview of the changes to come.

When you log in, now you will see “Families”, “Guardians” and “Children” in the main navigation options.

Click on the Families tab and select a Family in the drop-down list just as you currently would do for Guardians.

  • The selection list shows the family name and the name of the guardian designated as the primary guardian  – Family Name (Primary Guardian)
  • All active families are listed in the drop-down which is the same currently for the list of guardians and children.

Selecting a family will bring you to the Family Home page. Here you will see

  • Current family and enrollment information
  • Guardians and children associated with the family
  • Navigate the family and guardian entries in the left sidebar

The Guardians tab will show the list of all guardians enrolled for each active family.

  • Click on the Guardians tab
  • Click on the Guardian drop-down list
  • Select a guardian from the list of all guardians in an active family

The guardian selected will take you to that guardian’s data page.

  • Click on “Family Home” to take you to the home page of the family the guardian is enrolled under.
  • The data page will display whether the guardian is the primary guardian or not.

In the Children tab, select from the list of active children. All guardians enrolled for the family will list in order for you to designate the relationship of the child with each guardian.


Let us know if you have any questions.