New Data Quality Feature

Visit Tracker offers a variety of data quality features throughout the system for all users.

  • Data Quality Alerts
  • Reminders
  • Data exports embedded in national model, state and federal reports

DataKeeper also works with states to provide data quality features specific to their performance measures.


Beginning 2023, Washington programs have a new data quality page for each family to track Washington performance measures.

For each family, home visitors can go to the family’s “WA Measures” and review Federal and State Aligned Performance Measures specific to that family. This page will show:

  • A summary of each measure for the primary guardian and each enrolled child
  • An upcoming data collection schedule for the current program year

DataKeeper is committed to offering valuable features to help programs continue to know what’s done and know what’s needed so the focus remains on the families.

Let us know how Visit Tracker can continue to be a valuable tool for your program and state.