New Features and Fixes 2/17/16

You’ve been asking, and they are here! 3-6 year old Milestones have been added!

PVR Report has been updated to show 3-6 year old Milestones.

Some Milestones were not “turning green” and saying they had been updated, this has been fixed.

An issue reported that Groups would not always show on all Home Visitor calendars has been fixed.

On the group attendance, families would sometimes show separately for each child in the family, this has been fixed.

CHANGE TO SERVICE COUNTS REPORT!! When running the service counts report, you will need to enter the filters at the bottom of the page.¬†You will need to add at least “1” private and at least “1” group.

If you want to run the report to see families with “exactly 0” contacts, you will need to enter:

Include: Families with exactly 0 or at least 100 Private Contacts. AND Include: Families with exactly 0 or at least 100 Group Contacts. (a max value needs to be entered).

**This report will continue to be worked on and resolved, so please read notifications and blog posts on the home page for changes.