New Report – TX PEIRS Data

A new report is available to the Texas programs that have to transfer data into the new Texas Home Visiting PEIRS data system on a monthly basis.

This report is located in both the Reports section under the Admin column. And available on the family home page for each family.

Reports > Admin/State/National column > TX PEIRS Data

Located at the bottom of the list. This report will display the data needed for the PEIRS system for all families and children that have an enrollment period in the date range.

*Date Range – Since this report is needed on a monthly basis, the date range defaults to the previous month based on the current date.

If you need to save this report and send it to a data entry specialist, use the print feature in the browser you are using. Select “Save as PDF”.

Family Home Page

When you are in the Families tab, choose the family you want to get TX PEIRS data on. Click the TX PEIRS button to get the data for that specific family. Click “Get” for the date range desired.

Tip: Use the arrows in the family selection list if you just want to go 1 by 1 through your families and transfer the data.

We hope this report helps make the data transfer process a little more efficient. Let us know how else we can help.