PAT Planning Guide and PVR updates

Yes! There have been some big changes with the PG and PVR! With these changes, your workflow has been interrupted which is the worst thing possible. We are very sorry for the frustration this has caused.

Here’s some background as to why we made these updates.

A main reason for this change was due to the fact that the same PG or PVR could be open multiple times. We would often have home visitors that would type up a whole PVR, save it and close, only to find the same PVR still open. The home visitor would then save that second PVR and override all data that was just entered. We would also often see tabs being left open after the home visitor had logged out. The home visitor may come back to the computer, log in, see the PVR and begin working on it. Again, there would be saving issues. This would cause a great deal of stress and frustration. To reduce this issue, we have updated the PG and PVR to open in the same window.

We did hear your frustrations with the new PVR and that you can no longer open a previous PVR. We jumped to action to add an “Open Previous PVR” button. If you have a Planning Guide created, there was already a button to open the PG. That button has now been made more visible. Both the Planning Guide and Previous PVR buttons will be at the top of the PVR or Planning Guide in blue.

We do understand that sometimes it is necessary to open another PVR for a different family, or different time. You can still open those additional PVRs. If you RIGHT click (or if you have a trackpad, two finger click) on the word Private, or the Date. A menu will open and you can select “open in another tab”. Just be vigilant to close any tab that you are not actively working in. Leaving tabs open can always cause saving issues.

We added more “Close” buttons, so you no longer have to scroll to the bottom to close the PVR. The milestones table has also been eliminated from the Print version.

As always, we love to hear your feedback, good or bad! If you have suggestions about the PVR, please let us know! You can submit a ticket here with your suggestions or questions. Thank you!