PAT Record Updates

The following PAT Records have been updated in Visit Tracker

  • Family Intake
  • Family Information
  • Guardian Information
  • Child Information
  • Group Connections
  • Planning Guide and PVR
  • Transition Plan
  • Child Health Record (first part. 2nd part will be released by end of June. see details below)

Here are some highlights/important notes about these updates.

Please note that you can access the PAT Records section from the Family Home page. These records are designed to gather up all data entered in Visit Tracker and arrange that data according to the PAT Records listed in that section.


New section “Reason for Enrolling” has been added to the Family/Guardian Data page under Enrollment Info


Exit and On Hold Reasons have been updated

Visit Frequency selections have been updated.

Languages spoken in the home – We currently working on a new setting under SETUP that will default to the PATNC’s specific list for all PAT Affiliates. Currently, programs are seeing all language selections Visit Tracker offers.


Guardian Sex – “Prefer not to report”

It’s important to know that some reports have not been updated to start considering “Prefer not to report”. Once we have received the new Requirements for these reports, they will be updated.

An example is the MIECHV Form 1 report. The aggregate numbers will not include guardians indicated as “Prefer not to report”. However, these guardians will still be listed in the Excel downloads. Once HRSA releases final details about Sex/Gender reporting, this report will be updated.

New sections added to guardian items in Demographics

  • Military Status
  • Participation in Other Programs

New/Updated Guardian Health Info items

  • Dental Insurance
  • General Health
  • Preventive Care
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Other Substances


Due to the extent of updates and length of this record, updates are being release in 2 parts. The first part has already been release which are

  • Completion dates have been moved up to the top
  • Prenatal / Labor and delivery / Postpartum
  • All items in the Health section

The record overall is being improved by changing selections to drop-downs. Giving this record a much cleaner more organized look.

The Hearing and Vision sections will be updated by the end of June.

Still to come…

  • Prenatal/Postpartum Record for prenatally enrolled children
  • Updates to SETUP
  • Updates to the Annual Review/Updates for each record

These are just the highlights of an extensive update across many items. If you have any questions, let us know.