PHQ-9 Referrals Update

We recently completed a project for Washington to update the PHQ-9 assessment and added a new report related to referrals made from the PHQ-9. Here’s an overview of that project.


Next Due Date was added to the top of the assessment. The default can also be managed by the Admin from the SETUP > PREFERENCES > FAMILY ASSESSMENTS section. You can also set a reminder based on the Next Due Date field.

“Are you currently receiving mental health services/counseling?”

  • New question that defaults to “Not asked”
  • When selecting “Yes”, a date picker will appear in order to indicate the “As of” date. This field only specifies month and year

PHQ-9 Resource Connection

Just like child screenings, you can now record a Resource Connection directly from the PHQ-9 assessment record.

On the Assessments page, a new table for Resource Connections related to Family Assessments has been added.

  • When recording a connection from the PHQ-9 assessment, the connection will appear in this table
  • All other Resource Connections that indicate YES for REFERRAL FROM ASSESSMENT? will also be included in this table


A new report is now available in REPORTS > ASSESSMENT REPORTS titled WA PHQ-9 Referrals.

This report is available to any program using the PHQ-9 but is specifically designed based on Washington’s implementation requirements for the PHQ-9 and related referrals.

The current PHQ-9 reports have also been updated to include the new fields and Resource Connection information.

Let us know if you have any questions.