Project Updates for January 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season and start to the new year.
Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Coordinated Intake for Illinois has been updated with a lot of new features.

  • Home Visiting Agencies can now create and send referrals to the Coordinated Intake Agencies.
  • The Intake History section of the referral applications now allows for both the CI and HV Agency to be updated based on the last entry made.
  • New Setup features added to the CI Agency subscription
  • New reports added to both the CI Agency and HV Agency Report sections


Resource Connections Reports

  • The current Resource Referrals report is being redesigned to report
    • Resource Connections conducted
    • Guardians that have received private contacts but do not have any recorded Resource Connections
    • Information Shared as noted on private visit records
  • These 3 reports are re-formatted and will be available to download as Excel files

Re-assigning Families and Deactivating Home Visitors – Improvements to how home visitors are deactivated and the re-assigning of families


APR Updates – Section VI #10 Milestones will be added. As we complete other PAT records, we’ll continue to update the APR. For instance, the Parent Outcomes section will be added to the APR later in the spring once we have the tools added.

Group Connections – This project will both address the new PAT Group Connection Record and HIPPY Group Meeting requirements

Family Intake Record – Updated fields and new fields related to the PAT Family Intake Record

On Hold Period – Ability to define the period of time when a family is inactive or “on hold”. Related reports will be updated such as Visit Frequency and the APR.

LSP Child Scales – The child portion of the LSP is being added.

Reminders – We’re adding the ability to set reminders. These could be general reminders or specific to guardians or children

Child Enrollment – We’ll be adding some data quality function when enrolling a prenatal child and born child. This will be prompts and guidance on the relationship between the Enroll Date and Due Date / Birth Date.

January User Package – We bundle smaller items together that come in through our Help Desk “Suggestions”, emails and phone calls. A couple of items to note in this package –

  • New Health Info Report for child services being received noted at the top of the Child Health Info section
  • showing the Guardian Site Code next to “MIECHV Target Child” on the Child’s data page
  • Adding “Both” to the HIPPY Curriculum Language selections


We have reviewed the following PAT Records, identified the needed updates and are planned for development during the February and March. Updates needed related to all PAT Records are scheduled to completed by the end of March.


  • Family Information Record
  • Guardian Information Record


  • Child Information Record
  • Child Health Record
  • PVR and Planning Guide improvements