Recent Releases 1/16/2018


Resource Connections Reports

  • Resource Connections” in the Service Reports columns replaces “Resource Referrals”
  • There are 3 reports now available to provide you with Resource Connection and Information Shared data
    • “Resource Connections” – This report will display all connections made within the date range specified. The connections displayed will be for those families that are assigned to the home visitor. So you may see connections entered by a different home visitor for a family that has been reassigned to a new home visitor
    • “Resource Information Shared” – This report will display the items where “I” is selected on each PVR in the date range.
    • “Guardians with no Resource Connection” – This report will list all guardians that have received private contacts in the date range but do not have any recorded Resource Connections in the date range.
  • These 3 reports are available to download in CSV format which can opened in Excel.

Re-assigning Families and Deactivating Home Visitors

  • Improvements have been made to deactivating home visitors and reassigning families.
  • You can now choose to deactivate a home visitor that has a current caseload. In this situation, you will be given the option to reassign the entire caseload to an existing home visitor or enter a new home visitor into the system.
  • Here’s a tutorial posted to the Knowledgebase:¬†