NEW: CHEERS Check-In Tool

The CHEERS Check-In Tool is scheduled to be released by the end of the week. Here is a quick look at the new assessment. Located in the Guardian > Assessments section. Choose CHEERS Check-In from the Add New list. Note: Not seeing CHEERS Check-In in your list? The Main Admin for your program can check

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LSP Child Scales

We’ve recently added the Child Scales to the Life Skills Progression assessment. When creating the LSP, choose the child to include on the LSP. If there are multiple children in the family that you want to include on the LSP, you can select each child to be included on the same LSP. They will allow

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Updated Reports: APR, PMR, Screening and Family Assessment

The APR, PMR, Screening Compliance – new enrolls and Family Assessment Compliance reports have been updated. Here are the key updates for each. APR Children with “Current Education Status” marked as “Kindergarten” will be excluded from items II.11 and II12 and all items related to them. Important – When completing your final APR report, remind your

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