HIPPY PVR – Recent Update

A recent update has been made to the HIPPY personal visit record (PVR).

Literacy Activity Survey

A new section was added at the bottom of the PVR allowing home visitors to record Literacy Activity Survey entries from the PVR and have the entry added to the Child Health Info > Literacy Activity Survey section.

When selecting “Yes” or “No”, new fields will open up allowing you to indicate the number of days for each child listed on the PVR. If “Yes” is selected, the entry will default to 7 but can still be manually changed.

Not seeing this on the PVR?

The section needs to be turned on by the account administrator.

Go to Setup > Preferences

Open up the Personal Visit Records section and select “Yes” for “Literacy Activity Survey on PVR” and then save.

A new field for Format

When recording the curriculum delivered at the home visit, choose what format it was delivered in. Selections are “Paper copy”, “PDF copy” and “HIPPY 3.0”.

Let us know if you have any questions.

New Feature: HIPPY Site Funding

We’ve added Site Funding to all HIPPY programs. This section can be accessed by the Main Admin under the Setup tab underneath Profile.

In the Site Funding section, add program budget information for the following:

  • Government Funding Sources
  • Private Funding Sources
  • In-Kind Donations
  • Volunteers

When a Government, Private or In-Kind source ends, simply go to that item, edit the entry and enter an end date.

The Site Funding report can be found in the Reports > HIPPY Reports section.

  • HUSA Quarterly Reports has been added to the top of the HIPPY Reports column
  • Click on Site Funding and enter the date range to report all funding sources received at any point in the date range
  • Note: There are 4 HUSA Quarterly Reports listed but only Group Meetings and Site Funding are currently live. The other 2 will be coming soon.

Report example:

Arkansas Department of Health – Expanding Home Visiting

The Arkansas Department of Health recently received nearly 8 million dollars in federal funding to support home visitation, early childhood health and education programs state-wide, which can make a big difference for both parents and children. The Department of Health is implementing the Nurse-Family program across the state as well as partnering with Arkansas Children’s Hospital to carry out four other programs, including Healthy Families America, HIPPY, and Parents as Teachers. Last year, Arkansas’s MIECHV programs helped thousands of families, and with increased funding this year they hope to do even more.

To read the full article, click here.

direct link: http://www.boonevilledemocrat.com/news/20181023/adh-gets-778-million-for-in-home-child-health-program/1

HIPPY more than triples its impact in Pueblo, CO

Home Instruction for Parents with Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY) was introduced to Pueblo, Colorado in 2012. Since then, the program has gained traction rapidly and caught the attention of both parents and educators alike. At its onset, HIPPY had fewer than 20 students graduate out, but with growing support from the community, including those who volunteer as home visitors and assist the parents, the program has successfully graduated 78 students this year.

To read the full article in the Chieftain, click here.




Projects Update 8/9/2018

Here’s an update on the latest happenings and what to look forward to.


Requests that have come in through the Help Desk, email or phone calls. Keep submitting your suggestions. We’re listening. submit suggestion

  • Email verifications – We added the ability to turn on/off email verifications when enrolling a new guardian. This feature is in Preferences under Guardian Fields to Display
  • Assessments list – Also in Preferences, you can now decide which assessments to be displayed. No more long list!



  • A new program model in West Virginia has joined the Visit Tracker family. We are currently adding the RFTS Client Tracking Sheet.

REPORT UPGRADES – The following reports are being upgraded and we’re adding the CSV format so you can also open in Excel

  • Service Counts
  • Personal Visit Record Report
  • Visit Frequency
  • Exit Summary




  • We’re updating the information that will transfer from the Planning Guide to the Personal Visit Record


  • The PAT PVR is being reordered to match the PAT Personal Visit Record
  • Additional style and feature improvements are being made as well


  • A new assessment is being added to the list directly related to HFA programs.
  • With this project, we’ll be improving the Next Due Date functionality for all assessments and allowing you to easily have a Reminder added based on the Next Due Date.


  • It was brought to our attention that with Reminders showing up on the calendar, it can get a little overwhelming for Admins seeing all Reminders set by home visitors. Glad to hear that the new feature is being used. We’re adding some improvements to better control this.


These projects are ready and waiting to get started.

  • HFA Reports – We’ll be adding a new HFA report reporting model and benchmark performance measures


  • HIPPY – We’re working on Program Funding and Additional Staff inputs to allow HIPPY programs the ability to enter all required data for the quarterly report.